A new week sees another selection of Xbox One games arrive for your perusal on the shelves of retailers. They bring a real mixed bag of adventure, racing and fantasy to the table, catering for a wide range of gamers. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what’s ‘In Stores This Week’ for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition – 6th March – Xbox One

If you’ve been biding your time to get involved in the Final Fantasy XV experience, then you may want to take note of this special edition. It features not only the base game, but also over 20 add-ons and pieces of downloadable content, including an expanded map of Insomnia – complete with new side quests and enemies – a Royal Vessel boat, and a new accessory to enable you to let loose with the powerful “Armiger Unleashed” action. Of course, the season pass content is also present, such as Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto, whilst the first-person camera mode will allow the game to be played with a new perspective.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £32.99

TT Isle of Man – 6th March – Xbox One

The annual TT race on the Isle of Man is about to be immortalised in video game form, with the entire track faithfully reproduced at full scale. That’s right, all 37.73 miles and 264 bends of the Snaefell Mountain, which offers a race way longer and more challenging than all other GP circuits. You can expect to take control of 23 real riders, including the ‘Morecambe Missile’ John McGuinness, as well as a whole host of official motorbikes. Alongside the main track are 9 fantasy tracks, available to ensure your skills are refined before tackling the prestigious race itself. Prepare to venture into a career mode to unlock new motorbikes and race your way towards claiming the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy!

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £40.99

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Edition – 9th March – Xbox One

This prequel series is set before time-bending Max returns to Arcadia Bay and delves into the turbulent life of 16 year old Chloe Price, showing how she deals with everything that’s going on around her. The rebellious Chloe strikes up an unlikely friendship with the most popular girl in school, Rachel Amber. Everything goes downhill from there though in this choice driven adventure, and it’s up to you to guide Chloe through her troubles to reach an ending based upon your choices. The Limited Edition version includes the complete season, an artbook, the soundtrack, in-game outfits, Mixtape Mode and a bonus episode.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £34.99

Of course, if you don’t want to buy your games in disc format, you could always get involved with a digital download. Buy your points from here and save money on each digital download you make!

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