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We enjoyed trucking around the good ol’ US of A back in October 2020 with Monster Truck Championship on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. The good news is that it is now coming to next-gen consoles with a release today on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Take control of one of 16 customisable truck across 25 different arenas throughout America, as you climb through the ranks to become the Monster Truck Champion. It may feature a more realistic control set-up than your average monster truck simulator but offers just as much carnage and destruction.

It isn’t simply about destroying anything and everything in your way – though there is still plenty of that – as there are numerous events to take on. Simple drag races, longer multi-stage races and freestyle events will keep you busy for a good few hours.

You can also have a more direct control over staff members. Hire and fire as you see fit; each potential recruit comes with unique bonuses whether that be an XP boost, financial gains or more reliable performance, the choice is yours.

This is all present in the Career mode. If you just fancy some real world competitors, there then is a fully functioning online mode as well up to seven other players.

This new version of Monster Truck Championship offers a better resolution and performance, fully playable in 4K and at 60fps. There is a caveat though; existing owners that bought the Xbox One version are not entitled to a next-gen upgrade. If you wish to play with the updated visuals, you will need to purchase it again.

For those that are interested in the new and improved version, Monster Truck Championship on Xbox Series X|S is available to download right now priced at £33.49 from the Xbox Store for the Standard Edition, and £41.74 for the Rebel Hunter Edition. It is that latter pack which contains the Rebel Hunter Pack which itself brings a new Rebel Hunter design, 3 more vehicles – Magnum, Victory, Frantic – and the chance to head to the city of Charleston. The pack is also available to purchase for £12.49.

It remains the same game across both generations, but with shiny 4K assets and 60fps for those purchasing on Xbox Series X|S. If you have the new consoles, surely it is better to push their performance a little bit with this new version, right? Let us know in the comments if you will be doing just that. Just remember, this version is NOT playable on Xbox One.

Keep an eye out for our full review of the next-gen version of Monster Truck Championship on Xbox Series X|S. It’ll be live very soon.

Edit: Our Xbox Series X|S review of Monster Truck Championship is up and live.

Game Description:

Xbox Series X|S version of Monster Truck Championship NOT playable on Xbox One. A true Monster Truck simulation! From Las Vegas to Orlando, go head-to-head against experienced drivers in drag races and freestyle competitions! But before you can pull off doughnuts, wheelies and bicycles, you must first tune your truck to perfection. These machines are colossal and spectacular yet highly technical to drive. The game faithfully reproduces all the unique demands of mastering these powerful trucks, including independent front and rear wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps. But what’s performance without style? Customise your monster truck to reflect your style and show it off to your 7 opponents in online mode. • 16 Monster Trucks • Over 50 customisable elements • 25 arenas • 3 leagues

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