It’s September and the video gaming world is kicking fully into action with a whole host of new games arriving on Xbox One in the next month… and beyond. In fact, it’s a very busy time with both digital and physical copies arriving on a fairly regular basis, tempting the opening of wallets and seeing your cash leave your bank account faster than you can put it in there. But which Xbox One games will be appearing on stores near you throughout September 2017? Well, this lot for starters!

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If you like your racers fast, frantic and full of frenzy, then look no further than Redout.

Alike to sci-fi racers F-Zero, Rollcage and Wipeout, Redout will see you competing in the SSRL, the Solar Redout Racing League, on the now deserted planet Earth in the year AD 2560. The SSRL is one of the fiercest racing leagues in the Universe – where pilots must have fast reflexes to control their high-speed anti-gravity vehicles on a number of tracks.

There will be numerous futuristic tracks to compete on, with your high-octane racing being ever accompanied by a pumping soundtrack to push you over the line when the going gets tough. As you complete races, there will be plenty to upgrade too.

It’s not just standard racing you’ll be doing in Redout either, with no less than 10 different race types to compete in, from Last Man Standing to Survival modes. Furthermore, if you want to stand out as the ultimate SSRL racer, then the Career is where you will want to head, with its 93 events with a host of tricky challenges to beat – every win furthering you on your journey to racing glory!

And when the single player modes have done what they can for you, then another 12 online players can join you on the track, presenting yet another way to test your skills.

NBA 2K18

The latest basketball offering will be hitting store shelves this month as NBA 2K18 arrives… and if previous iterations are anything to go by, 2K18 will be right up there as one of the best titles of the year.

Delivering basketball goodness, 2K are once more bringing plenty of game modes to the basketball party, with MyCareer, MyGM, MyLeague and MyTeam ensuring anyone who likes to shoot a few hoops will be more than satisfied.

With stunning visuals on show, and a multitude of different versions available, and a cracking soundtrack to boot, this is sure to be one game that has sports fans clamouring for more.

NHL 18

It’s that time of year again when all the sporting video-game franchises come out onto the shelves, ready for you to experience the most realistic sporting experiences on Xbox One.

NHL 18 is one such title that is reloading this month – providing ice hockey fans with a whole host of the best teams to control across a variety of modes. As well as improved attacking options and the new Defensive Skill Stick, allowing you to do more in the way of defending, NHL 18 will be introducing the arcade-style THREES mode, which is a new take on over the top 3v3 hockey action. This fun mode will have faster ice, bigger hits and high scoring action – perfect for some easy pick up and play gameplay.

NHL 18 also offers a wide range of local and online multiplayer, with over 64 combinations to team up with local and online buddies, the most found in any EA Sports NHL title to date.

As in most EA Sports games these days, NHL 18 will include the popular Hockey Ultimate Team mode, which acts like most other UT offerings, opening packs and recruiting new players to form the best possible hockey team and play the way you want. A new inclusion to HUT, single player or co-operative HUT Challenges can be competed in to earn unique awards, again contributing to the building of your team.

NHL 18 is what every hockey fan loves about EA’s hockey franchise – with some added extras in the way of gameplay features and modes to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Blackguards 2

Originally releasing way back in January 2015 on PC, Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards 2, the sequel to The Dark Eye: Blackguards, is coming to Xbox One, bringing all its spell casting and open-world exploration, as well as its twisting storyline, to the Xbox masses.

To make an impact in Blackguards 2, you will have to recruit mercenaries and find upgrades to form an indestructible army, capable of destroying everything that opposes it! Equipping your leader with skills and talents to utilise on the battlefield, you and your comrades will have to venture through the land, engaging enemies in strategic combat using those skills, talents and spells you have acquired.

Blackguards 2 will be shaped around a twisting story that has important decisions aplenty, most noticeably in the game-world that will change according to your strategic decisions on the battlefield. It is up to you whether you will rule over your enemies and land with a conquering iron fist, or be more of a merciful leader.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 – Xbox One and Xbox 360

For the immensely popular sandbox Minecraft’s foray into another genre on Xbox One, Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode has gone down pretty well with the gaming audience… so much so that it warrants another season.

Following on from the first season, after Jesse and co have saved the world from the Wither Storm, becoming super famous in the process, friendships have started to fade with no adventuring to do. This is until Jesse goes and gets his hand stuck in a creepy gauntlet belonging to an ancient underwater temple. A new adventure has started, and with old and new pals, Jesse will be faced with tough choices to make and some good times ahead.

The Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 season pass disc will come with the first few episodes ready to play, with the remaining ones unlocking immediately upon release.

Destiny 2

It’s fair to say that the Destiny 2 hype train is at full speed prior to launch this month, and considering the substantial player base Destiny had, the sequel is shaping up to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

One year after the events of the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion, Destiny 2 sees the Red Legion faction, the Cabal, attack The Last City, and their leader, commander Dominus Ghaul, managing to strip the Guardians of their powers – forcing them to flee The Tower. Now the Guardians will have to gather their powers to face the Red Legion and Ghaul, exploring new worlds in the process.

Playing as your trusty Guardian – who you can create and shape around one of either the Hunter, Warlock or Titan class – you will be leveling up, partaking in online multiplayer strikes and completing main storyline quests and side quests to earn EXP.

Whether you will be storming through Strikes with your Fireteam, tearing up the Crucible matches or making your way through the story, Destiny 2 has a shedload of content for you and your mates to enjoy.

PES 2018 – Xbox One and Xbox 360

PES or FIFA? This question has been debated by pretty much everyone who likes a bit of virtual footie, and while FIFA has been arguably dominant for some years now, PES is starting to come out of the shadow of the giant EA franchise.

Of course, this year’s PES title will have the standard exhibition matches, as well as 11v11 online play and co-op modes to try and conquer (2v2 and 3v3 online multiplayer will be supported with local players also). PES 2018 is promising more fluidity throughout play, as well as more realistic player movement, reaction and behavior to make every match just that bit more lifelike. Expect to see new ways to take set-pieces and a new user interface, making the way you traverse the many modes easier and more accessible.

And if you are a fan of the popular Master League mode, whereby you train players and buy new ones, this feature has been improved, with pre-season tournaments, an insight into the changing rooms, pre-match interviews and a new transfer system being added to ensure you get the most out of the mode.

MyClub (PES’ answer to FIFA Ultimate Team) is returning in PES 2018, with MyClub Challenges also included, allowing you to gather more players in different ways to recruit to your team. Overall, PES 2018 is bettering PES further than it already is, both by including new features as well as improving gameplay in a variety of ways, from a new interface to changing how the players on the pitch react and move.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

If 2016’s Dishonored 2 had left you wanting more from the stellar supernatural assassin series, then never fear as Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is releasing this month as the first stand alone expansion to the franchise.

Playing as badass female assassin, Billie Lurk, as she attempts to pull off the most daring assassination ever conceived, with the help of her mentor Daud, you will be diving into the underbelly of the city of Karnaca, an area that will be familiar to players of Dishonored 2. While you are there, expect to encounter underground fight clubs as well as black magic cults to infiltrate, and ancient artifacts to retrieve, helping you to eventually kill The Outsider – your target.

Of course, Dishonored wouldn’t be Dishonored without its supernatural powers that all its protagonists have at their disposal, and the Death of the Outsider expansion will give you new powers to play around with.

Any Dishonored player will tell you that The Outsider is no ordinary guy, but in fact a supernatural being who has given previous assassin’s Corvo and Emily their powers in the previous games – but now his chaos that he has instilled in The Empire must come to an end.

Inside/Limbo Double Pack

There is no doubt that both Limbo and the later release of Inside are some of the most unusual, dark experiences on Xbox One. But now both are heading to retail, wrapped up neatly in one box. The critically acclaimed Limbo and Inside, both developed by developers Playdead, can be picked up from store shelves and played this month, but be prepared for shocking narratives and a dark undertone that will chill you to the bone.

Limbo tells the tale of a young, nameless boy adventuring through black and white forest and city landscapes, in the pursuit of his sister. It is genuinely dark, given the fact that this poor boy is thrown about and killed in the most brutal of ways. Whilst Limbo has been free for Xbox One uses previously, if you haven’t been able to pick it up and play it, now is your chance!

Inside, on the other hand, has the same creepy atmosphere and similarly is centered around a boy escaping from an unknown evil and soon encounters a much more supernatural and mysterious terror.

Both titles are must-plays, especially if you like your stories short, sharp and shocking.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

With the recent success of the DC superhero crew in Injustice 2, it is time for their main rivals, Marvel, alongside Capcom, to step up to the plate, engaging in their own bouts of super power enhanced fisticuffs. The iconic characters from these franchises will be attempting to defeat Ultron Sigma, a powerful being created from Ultron and Sigma, who want to rule the Marvel/Capcom dimension via a cybernetic virus, with the help of Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the sixth main instalment in the Marvel vs Capcom 2D fighting series, is all about its tag-team system, which will see you go into every match with two different characters that can be tagged in and out of fighting, allowing you to switch up playstyles when you see fit.

Furthermore, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will give you the choice of six Infinity Stones to equip to your team before each match, granting special abilities that can give you an edge in game. As well as this, filling up your Infinity meter will allow you to trigger an Infinity Storm once the meter has reached a certain level, resulting in a stronger boost being granted. These items, while they can only be used a small number of times a match, are definitely useful in overcoming your opponents.

With 32 characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes to choose from, as well as those Infinity Stones to give you a tactical advantage, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be a great fighter for someone who just wants to sit back and see their favourite characters get down with the fight.

Road Rage

The city of Ashen in Road Rage is no nice place, what with the lack of any proper law and the crazy lunatics beating people senseless while riding around on motorbikes. But they say if you can’t beat em, join em, and this is what Reef Jackson will be doing as he becomes the newest recruit of an outlaw motorcycle club.

In order to reach the rank of Club President, you will be controlling Reef as he traverses the open-world, completing 42 story-oriented missions and over 50 side missions on the way.

Road Rage doesn’t just have any old motorbike races, as normally you will be caving someone’s head in while trying to reach first place, or ditching the racing altogether and simply fighting it out to determine a winner. With a variety of deadly weapons to equip and a number of customizable bikes to take for a spin, you better be ready for a fight because you’ll be getting one.

Project Cars 2

If there is anything that Project Cars 2 can boast on Xbox One it is content – a ton of content. With 182 cars from 38 manufacturers and 46 different tracks with 121 layouts, Project Cars 2 will give you the opportunity to race across all these tracks in all these cars.

Project Cars 2, alike to its predecessor, has a host of vehicle classes, from GT cars to rallycross vehicles to stunning Hypercars to take for a spin, to name a few. This variety extends to the expansive Career mode found in Project Cars 2. Spread out across 29 motorsport types, five different disciplines and six tiers to progress up through, the Career will see you racing in cars made by manufacturers such as Ferrari and Aston Martin – and you can decide whether to spend your whole career with one discipline or mix and match with a few. Alternatively, if you want a quicker Career, then you can jump in at one of the higher tiers and start your journey there.

Project Cars 2 also caters for the online multiplayer gamer with a focus on the aspect of eSports – having online championships playing out as well as a ranking system to see where you rank among the best.


September is the month for footie fans to get their football gaming fix as the annual FIFA title hits the shelves – with both returning features and new ones to get the masses excited. Such new additions to the FIFA franchise include the ability to make substitutions on the go without pausing the game, whilst improved crowd reactions and atmospheres put you in the centre of the action.

One of the most popular modes, FIFA Ultimate Team, has also been given some new features to boast, such as Squad Battles where you can challenge an AI version of another player’s squad, and Icon Stories, where key players throughout the beautiful game’s history will have three different Icon cards relating to differing points in their illustrious careers. FUT Draft, Seasons and FUT Champions will be returning, adding to the different ways you can compete with your Ultimate Team.

Last year’s FIFA 17 saw the introduction of Alex Hunter and The Journey mode. Alex will be back for a second season in FIFA 18, as The Journey: Hunter Returns will be available for a playthrough, posing you important decisions all the way.

FIFA 18 doesn’t really need an introduction – it is more of what we love on Xbox One, with improved features and the Frostbite Engine in full effect keeping the visuals crisp.

So there we have it, the Xbox One games out in stores throughout September 2017. What will you be picking up? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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