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Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in August 2016


It’s been a pretty quiet month or two in the video gaming world, but August begins to see a number of titles release onto our store shelves…particularly as we get nearer the end of the month. But what Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will we be playing soon? The following should all be arriving in the next few weeks.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Xbox One

deus ex mankind divided pic 1

Deus Ex doesn’t mess about. It’s straight to the point. Muck up with your social stealth by saying the wrong thing and you will just have to live with it throughout the game. No second chances. Deal with it.

Adam Jensen is back – augs and all – to fight against the mysterious Illuminati terrorist group as he uncovers the secrets and rumours surrounding the human race and their augmentations.

It is totally up to you how you traverse the world and take out your enemies, as there is an augment and path for everything and everyone. Whether you just want to cut to the chase, gunning down everyone loud and proud, or sneaking past security, hacking your way through the game, Mankind Divided gives you the opportunity.

Why Should You Buy It? Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is THE game if you want a challenge – and want to be the most hardcore augmented gamer alive!

Forestry 2017 – The Simulation – Xbox One

forestry 2017 1

In the wonderful world of video gaming you can be many things. Cowboy, professional footballer, magical wizard, the list goes on and on. There is something for everyone and in that case, somewhere there must be a game for budding woodcutters. Yes, low and behold, Forestry 2017 – The Simulation is that game.

If you have ever wanted to drive round in huge machinery like harvesters or control a massive crane arm, then go nuts. Much like farming simulators and the like, Forestry 2017 gives you a list of tasks and then you go about your merry business of felling trees and whatever else woodcutters do. If you want to ditch being a cool space marine or badass cowboy for a bit and replace it with a more casual, relaxing job then maybe Forestry 2017 – The Simulation will be the way to go.

Why Should You Buy It? Ever wondered how much wood a woodchucker could chuck? Nah, us neither.

Joe’s Diner – Xbox One

joes diner

Every fancied working night shifts in the middle of nowhere? Joe’s Diner can be found on Route 7 and as one of their employees it’ll be up to you to keep the tables clean. At the same time though you’ll need to try and pacify the souls of two rival Indian chiefs – one who wishes to rest in peace, whilst the other tries to wind things up!

With atmospheric visuals, stunning lighting and some innovative gameplay, whilst Joe’s Diner may sound a strange beast, it could well be worth checking out.

Why Should You Buy It? Um…because you love food!?

Pineview Drive – Xbox One

pineview drive

Originally released a couple of years back on PC, it’s time for Xbox One owners to experience the horror of Pineview Drive.

An old abandoned mansion lies at the end of Pineview Drive and there, standing at its gates is a man looking for answers. 20 years after his wife disappeared without trace, with no clues, it’s up to you to help the old man uncover the mystery behind her disappearance, taking in the atmospheric, story driven adventure as you do so.

Why Should You Buy it? It’s scary, it’s atmospheric and it’s now on Xbox One!

F1 2016 – Xbox One


There is just something about the fast-paced racing, the near misses and the tension of the F1 season that gets the blood pumping.

With F1 2016 we will be treated to all 21 circuits and 22 drivers that are taking part in the 2016 F1 season, as well as being able to choose the time of day we can race, and whether or not we wish to partake in a full 10 season long career mode. Finally can we step into the shoes of world champion Lewis Hamilton, his Mclaren partner Nico Rosberg or any of the other F1 pedallers in the most realistic F1 simulation to date.

Everything from the safety car to formation laps have been added, and we can now have more control over the performance of the car thanks to revised car mechanics and improved R&D aspect of the game. And, of course, you can experience this with a local friend or in full 22 person online race if you so wish

Why Should You Buy It? For any F1 fan out there, F1 2016 is quite frankly the only game that will deliver the real F1 experience.

Madden NFL 17 – Xbox One + Xbox 360

madden 17

As a Brit, the football I know does not allow the carrying of the ball and the players don’t wear helmets either. So when I hear words such as ‘touchdown’ and ’quarterback’, I haven’t got a clue as to what they are talking about. Hence why I have never played a minute of Madden NFL.

But what I do know is that EA Sports have brought us the annual Madden NFL game with enough new features to keep any Madden and NFL fan happy.

Now you will have more options to the play using ground ball tactics, and the A.I. has been given a makeover, with the defense becoming smarter and running into positions that could lead to stopping the runs of the opposition and intercepting passes. With the new ‘Madden 365’ feature, the game will constantly be updated with the latest content being influenced by the real life NFL season. Franchise mode remains, where you can take your favourite team by the reins and guide it through the season how you see fit.

Why Should You Buy It? If you want the most realistic, exciting experience of the NFL, then look no further than Madden NFL 17.

A.O.T Wings of Freedom – Xbox One

aot 1

A.O.T Wings of Freedom brings the Attack On Titan manga anime series to the gaming screen, giving you the chance to control one of the many AOT characters as you string together combos and attacks in an attempt to take out the many freakish titans.

You will need to use your special 3D Manoeuvring Gear to traverse the city and reach up to the weak spot of the titans….the back of their neck! Play through various scenarios shown in the first TV season, and also completely new ones never before seen in Attack on Titan.

Why Should You Buy It? It seems anime titles are the in thing right now, with Attack on Titan the latest to be explored.

Worms W.M.D – Xbox One


For every gaming system, there will nearly always be a Worms title to be enjoyed. Whether it is in traditional 2D or fancy 3D, there will always be the wacky chaos of Worms ready to hit your life. Soon we will be getting our hands on Worms W.M.D, the latest Worms title to make our minds go mad as we decide whether to use a bomb or an explosive sheep against our opponents.

But with each game comes something new that threatens to shake up the battlegrounds…this time round, that comes in the form of vehicles, buildings and crafting. Expect chaotic races to the vehicles between teams, and then more destruction as your worm is seen firing cannons from a huge tank. With massive explosions left right and centre, W.M.D. should bring the ultimate Worms experience.

Why Should You Buy It? The perfect game for some colourful fun with friends.

Assetto Corsa – Xbox One

assetto corsa 1

Forza. Dirt. F1. With these giants in the racing scene it can prove very hard to break through into the market – but that’s what Assetto Corsa strives to do. With an emphasis on realism, AC has many globally branded cars, both from the modern era and old, with many renditions of international tracks for you to burn rubber on.

With numerous adjustments, tweaks and mods available, Assetto Corsa promises to deliver a thrilling and true racing experience to console owners, whilst single, multiplayer, challenges and full career modes will see them going back for more.

Why Should You Buy It? The emphasis on realism and modding will make Assetto Corsa stand out when it is released this month.

Worlds of Magic Planar Conquest – Xbox One

planar 1

With a fully customisable character, huge universe, the ability to research and develop spells to unleash on your foes, and the opportunity to raise and improve your army, it would seem that Worlds of Magic Planar Conquest is just a bit complicated.

The game hands over control of a huge space empire, complete with a space army and magical spells, the chance to create new spells, and then engage in a turn based battle on a ‘battle board’.

Why Should You Buy It? Space. Empires. Monsters. Customisation…what else do you need in an exciting, unique turn based strategy experience?

So, make sure you get your wallet ready as we start moving into the busy games period once more. What will you be splashing the cash on? Let us know in the comments below.

I'm an avid gamer who will play pretty much anything... but stick an open world or adventure game in front of me and I'm more than happy.
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