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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Review


There are many ways to enhance your gaming experiences. You can buy the latest games, you can involve yourself with the most complex of controllers, or you can grab a lightweight, feature-rich, headset. But if you have the cash to burn and plan on going deep with your sessions, you’ll also want a gaming chair in place. And not just any old gaming chair either – a top of the range one. And that is where the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair comes into play. 

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A premium built product, the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair oozes quality from the initial delivery process. You see, when a sturdy box gets delivered and its sheer weight sees the delivery driver struggling, you pretty much know that something premium will be hidden away inside. 

Upon opening, that wow factor is increased, with a well packaged, well thought-out product found within. With each and every component of the Hero delicately placed, wrapped in its own precise packaging, you’ll most probably be looking at the build of the Hero coming as a two person job. Much of this isn’t because it’s a complex creation – far from it in fact as the premium glossy instruction booklet explains each step of the process with aplomb – but because of the fact that the Hero comes with some hefty components. Yes a single builder could put it together, but you may well wish for a second pair of hands at some point, particularly when trying to align the backrest with the rest of the seat. Holding that in place whilst trying to utilise an allen key could be a struggle for a lone gamer.

Once you’ve got the full build complete though – a process which will take around half an hour – you’ll not be disappointed with what Noblechairs have produced with the Hero. 

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I’ve been lucky enough to have gone hands-on with a number of premium gaming chairs over the years, and thought I’d pretty much settled on the Secretlab Titan as my chair of choice, but the Hero really does go right up against it in all areas. In fact, the differences between the two are fairly minimal and sitting here now, I’m hard pressed to call one out over the other. 

The black faux leather seat base and back piece of the Hero look stunning, with the platinum white stitching and diamond/chevron styled design, complementing the base unit well. Further to that and a perforated middle section runs through the entirety of the chair to no doubt ensure that the very stickiest sessions are still comfortable ones. It must be said however that straight out of the box the Hero is a solid feeling chair, and even though after a few weeks of use, the seat padding has become slightly softer – or at least this user has got used to it – and will no doubt become even more supple through extended use, the initial sitting does feel on the ‘hard side’. That’s not to say it’s uncomfortable, because it is not, but you should be aware that you’ll need to work your way into this particular seat and the 55% density cold foam core that is inside.

The size though is great, with my 80kg, 6ft 2in frame filling the Hero nicely. There is plenty of room to move around should the need take you, but at all times will find that the encroaching side panels of the back will lovingly hold you. It’s strange however that the reclining feature that is found by pulling the standard handle on the right hand side doesn’t allow the back of the Hero to adjust backwards to too much of a degree. In fact, you’re looking at only being able to move things from an upright 90 degrees to something around the 135 degree mark. If you’re looking to really lay back with the Hero, you’ll be left wanting. Even stranger though is the fact that should no-one be sat in the seat, the backrest moves forward a huge amount, to a degree that is pretty much useless for any sized gamer. I’d have much preferred to have seen some of the forward movement placed in a slight increase to that of the back, if only so the movement would actually be of use. The adjustable lumbar support that is built in is a joy though, dialling pressure into the lower back should you see fit. 

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The bottom seat piece can be tilted and locked in place as well, with levers on the underside of the Hero allowing up to 11 degrees of adjustment to the base, with a second found controlling the overall height of the seat. At its utter highest, my frame sits perfectly, but for any gamer who finds themselves just under the 6ft/180cm mark, there is more than enough room for manoeuvre. Personally I’d say that anyone under something around 5ft 4in/162cm may struggle to find decent use with the Hero, even at its very lowest height setting. That said, on the flipside, those bigger gamers will be more than happy with what the sizing of the Hero delivers, with plenty of space available for a large range of body shape and style. 

Should you be within the correct limits, then you’ll quite possibly love everything else you find in place. The 4D armrests are well designed with tapered edges to allow for perfect resting, whilst rotating them through a variety of angles, heights and placements to find the optimum position is a cinch thanks to numerous button presses. They could do with being a little softer to touch but there is just enough squish in them to ensure pressure points don’t ever become too uncomfortable. Further to that and the two included velor-styled Noblechair-logo’d cushions – one for your headrest and another for lower back support – are utterly stunning to feel. They are quite possibly the softest cushions I’ve ever used and while I’m not a particular fan of sticking a cushion at the bottom of the back, those who do prefer the option will be in heaven. And while we’re on the logo subject, the etched Noblechair logo at the head of the seat is a lovely touch.

And then we get down to the bottom of the Hero and ensuring that everything is held well in place is a brilliantly crafted five-pronged black base piece, with silent 60mm casters ensuring that movement of the chair on all surfaces is a good one. They are not lockable mind, but then, they don’t need to be. 

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The separate pieces of the Hero all come together to ensure that Noblechairs have created a stunning chair. Should you be after a new gaming chair and you have the cash to splash, then you should really consider becoming part of nobility with the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair. It may come in at a top-end price, but it’s certainly a top-end product and will look great in any gaming set-up – especially once you’ve worked your way into the initially solid feel that it brings.

Massive thanks go out to Noblechairs for providing the Hero for unboxing and review purposes. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself then Amazon could well be your best port of call. 

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