What do you get when you mash together the wonderful world of Minecraft with the stunning Final Fantasy XV? A new skin pack that will be hugely tempting to a wide range of gamer.

No matter whether you are a Minecraft explorer or a Final Fantasy fan, then the Minecraft Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack for Minecraft on Xbox One will be pretty damn appealing. With a price tag of just £2.39 in place, this is a super cheap and super cheerful way of seeing Noctis, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto ditch their super high-res world for something a bit simpler.

But it isn’t just those guys who come as part of the Skin Pack and you’ll find access to blocked versions of Cindy, Aranea, Ardyn and many more too.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy and like to delve into the world of Minecraft every so often, then the Minecraft Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack should be for you. Get over to the Microsoft Store right now and grab the content.

DLC Description:

Join Noctis, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto once again as they venture beyond the world of Eos and into the untold realms of Minecraft with this fantastic skin pack. Be it friend or foe, the cast of FINAL FANTASY XV follows, including Cindy, Aranea, Ardyn, the Astrals and many more.

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