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Nocturnal delivers gamers some captivating combat and stunning visuals


There are a ton of 2D action-platformer titles out there, with satisfying combat systems to guide you through a mysterious story – take Dead Cells, for example. However, we don’t think there have been many that are as cryptic and vague as Nocturnal.

Escape the Mist

Releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC platforms, Nocturnal places you in the dutiful boots of Ardeshir, an ancient soldier of the Enduring Flame. You are on a mission to find out what has happened to your brothers, and to also free your island from an eerie mist. 

It is this Mist which is the core crux of the story laid out in Nocturnal on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, and will pursue you throughout the story, chasing you on sight.

Whilst venturing into the Mist can grant you powerful abilities, which will see you well in difficult combat. As well as this, killing enemies will grant you ashes, which can be offered up for further abilities and stat boosts. However, being in the Mist for too long can be dangerous, making this a very risky, but rewarding, adventure.

Fire is your Friend in Nocturnal on Xbox

In order to dispel the Mist from areas you must reach, you will need to make use of fire: this ancient element will be able to light up dark areas, activate machinery, and also make short work of enemies that are invincible to standard weaponry. Remember, fire is your friend!

Throw in the addition of speed-run options, and we can see many playing Nocturnal for hours on end. Mostly they’ll be looking to shave off precious seconds from their record times. We’ll let you know if you should be doing the same via full review. 

Nocturnal on Xbox is Now Available

If Nocturnal sounds like your kind of game, then you can pick up a copy today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch or PC. Via the Xbox Store, you can buy Nocturnal on Xbox for £16.74. It’s fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S consoles. 

Game Description

Ancient soldier of the Enduring Flame, find out what happens to your brothers to free your island from the dark Mist.

A mysterious fog covers the island and chases you on sight. Make your way into it to discover its source and make an end to this.

Combat challenging and varied enemies that block your way to your goal.

Speed run options are available. You can select those to improve your speed-run time.

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