It’s well known that Turtle Beach are right at the top of their game, delivering a multitude of accessories and headsets to gamers across all platform formats. But right now they are looking to push on further, expanding their current partnership with NRG Esports to further bolster the roster of teams and players who will be going into battle with the power of Turtle Beach behind them. 

Turtle Beach have expanded their partnership with NRG Esports which sees ROCCAT added as the official PC gaming accessories brand for NRG Esports – one of the leading esports organizations who are able to field some of the best professional teams and players across the likes of Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and more. As always, fans who want to get even more involved in how the NRG teams fare across all manner of games can place their own bets on matters, with Online Luck-Based Gaming sites allowing fans to find plenty of betting opportunities across a range of casino-themed games available. 

Having previously teamed up with NRG’s Chicago Huntsmen CDL Franchise, this new agreement adds more of NRG’s roster of teams and players, with Turtle Beach serving as their official gaming audio partner. This is where ROCCAT comes in – Turtle Beach’s PC brand – as they become NRG’s official gaming accessories partner for keyboards, mice, and other PC peripherals. This is fully led by Co-CEOs Andy Miller and esports luminary Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, as NRG Esports attempt to continue building the most successful esports and content teams. 

“We’re excited to continue providing our best-in-class gaming headsets to Hector and NRG and look forward to working together to show PC gamers why ROCCAT is the PC brand they should be paying attention to,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. “Hector’s been part of the Turtle Beach family for years, and now with both Turtle Beach headsets and all our ROCCAT PC gaming accessories, we can continue working with him to provide more of NRG’s players with the best gear, and will be able to create more great content for gamers on all platforms.”

It is through the new partnership with Turtle Beach that NRG Esports’ teams are gaining access to some of the best gaming gear available today. With Turtle Beach already well known for providing some of the best headsets to the gaming market, players will be found using a variety of their award-winning headsets, mice, keyboards, and more. This means if they wish to have access to Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2, the stunning Elite Atlas, the wireless Elite Atlas Aero headsets, or even ROCCAT’s Kone Pure Ultra lightweight mouse, all-new Kain series gaming mice, and latest Vulcan series mechanical gaming keyboards, they can do so. 

Further to all this, in order to allow Turtle Beach to continue being at the forefront of the scene, they will be working directly with NRG’s very best players to create a whole host of unique, engaging, and fun content for fans to enjoy.

“I’m thrilled to bring NRG, Turtle Beach, and their new PC brand ROCCAT together this year,” said Hector Rodriguez, Co-CEO, NRG Esports. “I have such an incredible history working with Turtle Beach and wanted to bring that legacy with me as I started my new journey with NRG.”

If you don’t know about Turtle Beach then, well, quite frankly, where have you been? They are the world’s leading console gaming headset maker; over the last 10 consecutive years they have annually sold more gaming headsets than any competitor, with multiple options available to Xbox One players too. Personally, we highly recommend you check out the Turtle Beach Recon Spark and Atlas One offerings if your budget doesn’t stretch to the very top-end options available.