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It’s been months in the offing but Nutjitsu is finally available to download outside of North America.

Originally out in the States back in May, region and localisation issues has stopped the story of a ninja squirrel from crossing the water….but all that has changed as a recent update sees the game drop in various locales around the world, including the UK.

A top-down arcade acorn snatcher, Nutjitsu follows the story of a ninja squirrel out on a mission to reclaim all the magical acorns from those evil samurai foxes. You’ll need to sneak through some gorgeous hand painted levels as you dodge the enemy foxes who will have a number of special powers available to them. Use your own smoke bombs, speed potions, freeze bombs, shadow clones and flame shields to outwit the pesky enemy and retrieve those acorns.

Game Description:

Enter the squirrel! Defy the kitsune samurai who stole your clan’s sacred acorns. Sneak through beautifully hand-painted landscapes, avoid capture by the guards, and snatch victory (and acorns) from your enemies. The vigilant foxes track your silent steps by scent. Keep ahead of them or use your ninja arsenal to escape. Use smoke bombs, ninja speed, shadow clones, freeze bombs, and flame cloaks to defeat your enemies. Hone your skills with Ninja Missions or train for endurance in Survival mode. Baffle your foes across 15 maps, attain 25 ranks, and conquer 5 difficulty levels. Master the way of Nutjitsu!

We’ll have a full review coming for you shortly but in the meantime, you can pick Nutjitsu up from the Xbox Games Store or directly on Xbox One for £5.19.

Seems a bargain?

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