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Typing a message on Xbox One is a slightly cumbersome affair, so anything that can help lessen our struggles has got to be a good thing. Nyko have jumped into the market with the Type Pad for Xbox One…and it’s available to buy right now!

The Type Pad for Xbox One is a full QWERTY keyboard attachment that snaps onto the bottom of the Xbox One controller. It’ll streamline your text communications and includes a mini-analog nub for quick menu navigation. The inlcusion of a ‘.com’ button ensures that should you be surfing the web on your Xbox One, your time there is made much easier as well.

“Traditional console controllers have been honed and optimized for modern play, but textual input remains fairly cumbersome,” said Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s head of sales and marketing. “The Type Pad aims to make some improvements in the areas of navigation and convenient, streamlined input, all in an attractive design that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.”

Compatible for both the new and original Xbox One controllers, it supports headsets through a 3.5″ headphone jack and can fix the issue of non-Xbox One headsets working with the controllers as it acts as an adapater too. The Type Pad communicates with the console via a small USB dongle (2.4ghz) and is powered directly by the controller.

You can grab the Type Pad for Xbox One for $34.99 now from the Nyko online store or from Amazon. It looks to currently only be available in the United States, but we’ll keep you posted should it show up on these UK shores.

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6 years ago

I was excited when I started reading this! But the same price as the OEM version and less features to boot? Looks like I’ll be getting the MS chatpad.