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Observer initially launched on Xbox, PlayStation and PC way back in 2017, before being upgraded and reworked in a System Redux flavour through the power of next generation consoles of Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Now though Bloober Team have worked their magic again to confirm that Observer: System Redux will also be playable on Xbox One and PS4.

Coming in July 2021, the acclaimed Cyberpunk thriller will hit Xbox One and PS4 in full System Redux edition, with the game now rebuilt and augmented for both generations. This will mean Observer: System Redux takes augmented visuals, gameplay, and story to the next level once again, in this thrilling remaster.

It’ll be July 16th 2021 which is the exact date Observer: System Redux will arrive on Xbox One and PS4, bringing with it the new quests, gameplay improvements, and completely revised character models when compared to the original Observer.

Veteran Observers can dive deeper into this dystopian reality thanks to the introduction of three brand-new side cases to solve. “Errant Signal”, “Her Fearful Symmetry” and “It Runs in the Family” add another layer of depth to the game’s story while exploring thought-provoking themes of a future that soon might become our present.

But further to that comes expanded gameplay, which includes new game mechanics, new secrets to find, redesigned stealth, additional neural interrogations, and quality-of-life improvements made with the help of the Observer community. All this means that in July you’ll be able to experience one of the most thrilling cyberpunk stories in gaming in all its dark glory.

“As the first horror title for next-gen consoles, Observer: System Redux absolutely wowed cyberpunk and thriller fans on day one,” said Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno. “Fans of the original and new Observer: System Redux players love the new missions, but with next-gen consoles being hard to find, we’ve left many fans out in the cold. Now, the new Observer: System Redux missions, gameplay improvements, and content have been back-ported to Observer: System Redux for fans to enjoy.”

What’s more, Observer: System Redux will be available in both digital and physical formats, runninng a price point of €29.99 / $29.99. And if you like to stick get hands-on with physical products, will find that the Koch Media physical edition includes the game, a softcover art book, and the soundtrack.

We don’t need to tell you how exciting Observer is – you can read our reviews for full breakdowns of the original Observer and then the next-generation Observer: System Redux – but no matter whether you have played it multiple times previously, or are coming in green, the late cyberpunk icon Rutger Hauer pretty much sells things.

We’ll be sure to remind you when Observer: System Update is available for Xbox One and PS4. For now, take in the latest trailer below. And if you can’t wait until July, we’d advise you grab the Xbox Series X|S version right now.

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