ocean and winter camo controller

Looking for a new Xbox One wireless controller? Xbox HQ have got you sorted!

Announced today are two new wireless Xbox One controllers which are sure to appeal to many gamers. Whilst there is already a huge array of designs on the market, with even more available as part of the Xbox Design Lab process, as gamers, we can never have enough options. Which is why today’s new designs are pretty exciting.

First up, and created to expand the ‘Shadow’ range is the Ocean Shadow controller.  Available for purchase from Feb 23rd 2017 for a £59.99 asking price, the Ocean Shadow Special Edition is the next evolution of the Shadow controller series that was introduced in 2016. It features a sleek, matte black top case and sides that fade to a rather delightful light blue metallic finish. You’ll also find that the buttons, triggers and D-pad have a glossy black finish with light blue highlights adorning the face and menu buttons.

Releasing just a week earlier on Feb 16th 2017 for the same cash price is the Winter Force Special Edition. Complimenting previous Forces series controllers, this one has been treated to a modern arctic camo design with light and dark grey accents ensuring that it takes pride of place next to your white Xbox One S.

Both controllers, quite obviously, come with the usual features that you would expect of the Xbox Wireless Controller, including textured grip, improved wireless range, custom button mapping via the Xbox Accessories App and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 devices or Samsung Gear VR.

But that’s not all, as coming this March, a new feature will be enabled, allowing input from two Xbox controllers to be combined by the console for a unified controller experience under one player’s profile in a feature called Co-pilot. Sounds pretty exciting eh?

For now though, you’ll be able to pick up the new controllers from the usual internet giants and high street stores. Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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