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If you’re serious about your Call of Duty, then you’ll no doubt be serious about getting your mitts on all manner of Black Ops III related Xbox One accessories and apparel. Whilst T-shirts and caps are all well and good, what gamers really want is something that will help them raise that K/D ratio, enhance their gaming sessions and feel superb to use.

KontrolFreek have released the Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, with just those gamers in mind. But are they a worthy purchase?

Well, the fact I have very little negative to say about them points to this particular stick enhancer being somewhat excellent.

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All black in colour, the Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks come complete with a rather lovely laser etched Call of Duty S.O.G skull on their top. Whilst it would have been nice to see this skull standout just a little more than it does, with perhaps the orange of the Black Ops logo being present, it brings a sense of the covert to your sticks, whilst also working well as a grippy surface ensuring that there is very little chance of your thumbs slipping when the action gets a little hot. The sides of both sticks are shiny in comparison to the matt top, but are still just as delightful to touch and just as grippy, with very little sign of them degrading in any way.

One stick, the one destined for the right side of your controller comes in at 10.4mm and has been fully designed with accuracy and aim at the forefront of everything. The second stick however is a shorter ‘mid-rise’ solution providing extra grip and comfort. They work tremendously well together and even though I’m an absolutely useless first person shooting gamer, feel that they’ve more than improved my game. If you want to pop them off and switch them round, then you can, but as far as this seasoned gamer can tell, your ideal setup will be with the high-rise on the right. That is the way they have been designed and who am I to tell anyone otherwise!

I did have slight concerns that the length of the sticks, in particular the taller one may cause issues for those with smaller hands, but after giving the controller to someone who suffers from this strange world defect (we all know big hands are the way forward!), after initially complaining, making out that there was no way on earth they could use them, they now game with this sticks attached, with no further complaining being heard.


With little to hate and much to love, the official Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks from KontrolFreek should be right at the top of your accessory list if you are looking for something to improve your shot whilst at the same time bringing a discreet effect to your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. That said, they aren’t cheap, coming in at by far the most expensive set of thumbsticks I’ve ever used, but you get what you pay for and these should last you a long old while yet.

In fact, I’d go as far as say that fans of the series, or any other shooters in fact, will see these as must have accessories.

You can buy the Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks direct from KontrolFreek right now. 

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