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Ratalaika Games have made something of a name for themselves with the porting and subsequent release of a number of super cheap experiences. With the likes of Metagal, Access Denied, Daggerhood and more delivering a number of game genres, those cheap entry point gaming chances are full of variety too – and the addition of the old school arcade shooter Zeroptian Invasion just adds to it!

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch release occurring on the 26th April, Zeroptian Invasion is attempting to push home the joys of the old school arcade, with a game that has been utterly inspired by the classics.

Developed by Josyanf1, Zeroptian Invasion will thrust you into the world of the arcade shooter, with a title that promises classic but challenging gameplay, some gloroious pixel art visuals and an even more memorable chiptune soundtrack. This decade’s answer to the arcade shooters of yesteryear – Ratalaika’s words, not mine – if you’re looking for something cheap, and something that will send you on a nostalgic hunt, Zeroptian Invasion is for you.

Features include:

  • CRT filter
  • Challenging and classic gameplay
  • Aesthetics pixel art in 1-bit with colors
  • Levels totally unique and different from each other
  • An incredible variety of enemies and memorable bosses
  • OST on chiptune with unique songs dedicated to each area

Interested? The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download of Zeroptian Invasion for just £3.99. That’s pocket money pricing!

If you want to know more, you could do a ton worse than check out the official launch trailer for Zeroptian Invasion. We’ll have our review thoughts live soon too – make sure you keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this release – or that of any of the Ratalaika Games titles – by posting in the comments below.

Game Description:

Taking inspiration from old score arcade shooters from the past and adding in some modern touches and stunning pixel art, Zeroptian Invasion is this decade’s answer to the arcade shooters of yesteryear. From its increasingly difficultly gameplay to its chiptune soundtrack, this is one blast from the past that shooter aficionados are going to want to check out, since the Zeroptian menace is not going to shoot themselves any time soon.

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