If you are looking for an isometric arcade racer to fill the gap after last year’s Micro Machines: World Series, then Wheelspin Frenzy may be exactly what you need… and it is available to download right now.

Wheelspin Frenzy features both single-player and a hefty slab of local multiplayer as well, allowing you and up to three friends the ability to race against each other, or bring in the four AI drivers for a massive 8 car race.

Playing the game your way is a big feature of Wheelspin Frenzy; not only can you choose how many racers to race against, but you can also select from any of 20 different tracks to race on. You’ll be able to group a few together for a tournament, choose the number of laps, and even which cars everyone on the starting line will be using. If you want to make it easy, put your opponents in tractors, or make it hard by putting yourself in one!

Expect lots of bumps and scratches at the tight corners, but also feel free to nudge into opponents should you wish. Do so, and you will be awarded with nitro – a speed boost that can be administered by holding the A button.

Wheelspin Frenzy plays very much like the arcade racers of the ’90s, right down to the handling of the vehicles, ensuring you’ll need to use the masses of oversteer you generate to glide in and out of corners. With many items dotted around the edges of the tracks – including a few cliff edges – watch the debris fly as you crash into anything you can set your sights on!

Wheelspin Frenzy is available to download from the Xbox Store now priced at £7.99 and comes with 20 tracks set across four different locations and a whole load of local multiplayer fun. Let us know in the comments below which mates you will be challenging with this game!

Don’t forget to read our full review too. It’ll give you even more of an insight into the mad goings on found in Wheelspin Frenzy.

Game Description:

Wheelspin Frenzy is a retro racing-inspired game where you can play against AI or split-screen multiplayer with up to four players. Choose from twelve different cars to race with, through 20 different tracks spanning four different locations. Simple, arcade-like steering mechanics are sure to be familiar to fans of golden oldies of racing from the ’90s! Local leaderboards will keep track of your standing (for fastest lap), achievements will allow you to boast your successes to friends and rivals. Don’t forget to get NITRO by bumping into others to fly to victory!

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