A new trailer has arrived, courtesy of Bandai Namco, for the upcoming game ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER and an additional three characters have been unveiled.

Starting with the latest story trailer, it features the hero of the hour Luffy, in handcuffs, high up above the clouds on a floating fortress and being taken to be put in front of a throne that has a mysterious character sat upon it. But who is it? What does this character have in store for Luffy? And why is Luffy looking rather happy about being captured? Those are the questions it’ll leave you with after watching it.

Also revealed as part of the trailer are three new characters that Luffy will be up against in ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER. The first of which is Borsalino Kizaru, an admiral in the marines and one of the toughest enemies for Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew to face. He possess the Glint-Glint Fruit (Pika Pika No Mi) and that allows him to control and manipulate light at will, even to the point where he can transform himself into light, thus enabling the power of teleportation.

Then there’s Admiral Issho Fujitora. Despite being blind, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Nobody seems to understand the exact nature of his power, but he appears to have the power to control gravity, being able to subdue prisoners or even redirecting a meteoroid if necessary. Fujitora is different from the other admirals, as what’s truly important for him is the security and safety of the citizens of Prison Island.

Last but not least is Rob Lucci, a member of the CP-0 – the intelligence organisation directly controlled by the world’s government. He ate the Cat-Cat Fruit which allows him to transform into a beast form; becoming half-human, half-leopard. As more characters arrive at Prison Island, the mystery of why all these people are here only deepens, and rumour has it that Lucci himself is the warden!

Do the latest character reveals increase your excitement levels? What are your thoughts on the trailer below? Be sure to let us know on social media or via the comments section.

ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER will set sail in 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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