It’s a rare sight to see new content arrive for an indie title, but if you’re going to add something new to freshen up the experience, what better time to do so then on the one-year anniversary.

Stikbold! may not be a game that immediately appealed to the masses on its release last year, but those that weren’t drawn to the biggest titles straight away and ventured into this unique title will tell you that they had a blast playing it. Stikbold! – A Dodgeball Adventure is a ’70s themed single and local multiplayer fantasy dodgeball game with intense, quirky arenas full of random events, which can change the outcome of each match.

Today a free update named Couch Overtime, has graced the many platforms of Stikbold, and this one brings fresh content to this multiplayer title and should ensure that fans have another reason to dive back into the groovy 70’s themed adventure once more.

The content consists of new game types to be enjoyed, with four frantic new additions being added as well as a psychedelic court named Honey Haven that is said to blow your mind.

The new game modes included are, Handyball, Pop Pop!, Crate Escape and Rainbow Rumpus. Each one looks to bring something entirely different to the game which should help bring even more variety to an already ever changing game.

The first addition, Handyball, is a 2v2 take on another popular Danish sport to the game – Handball. Pop Pop! will be bringing you a lethal take on the classic and well known Balloon Dance. Crate Escape is a team-based shoving contest… yes you heard that right. And finally we have Rainbow Rumpus, a blazing battle royale in which bee bombs will become your best friend. Just ponder that for a second.

“We love the mini-games in Super Monkey Ball and Mario Party etc., and felt there was more we could do with the mechanics and levels we had built.” says Martin Petersen, CEO of Game Swing. “More variety is always desirable for a party game title, so we are incredibly excited to mark the anniversary of Stikbold! by releasing these. We hope people will have as much fun playing them, as we’ve had making them!”

So that’s everything you can expect should you jump back into the wacky adventure. Those yet to enjoy the delights of Stikbold! can head on over to the Xbox Games Store and grab yourself a copy for the price of £7.99. If you want to know even more, then make sure you check out our full review of the game

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