Combining top down shooting with the strategy of a tower defense experience, X-Morph: Defense sees you playing as an alien species that is hellbent on invading Earth and harvesting its resources. And whilst there is already a lengthy campaign, plus the chance to hit European shores in another DLC pack, today sees us given the opportunity to become the X-Morph all over again – in a new Survival campaign.

The X-Morph: Defense Survival Of The Fittest DLC comes with a fairly decent price tag attached – that of just £3.99 – delivering five brand new maps in an adrenaline filled new Survival campaign.

This will see us taking in the likes of Britain, as we fight through the rain, the cold harsh winters of Finland, a night in South Africa, the idyllic lands of the Netherlands and that of France – a place that is soon to become a graveyard full of metallic corpses.

You’ll need the base game to hand prior to considering a purchase of the Survival Of The Fittest, but should you enjoy what X-Morph: Defense brings, then the low price will no doubt make it a worthwhile purchase. Just get over to the Xbox Store and pick it up.

DLC Description:

A new Survival campaign with 5 maps specifically crafted for this adrenaline pumping game mode. BRITAIN – Fight for your life in a rain-soaked maze of cottages and canals. FINLAND – Winter is already here, but it’s not the cold that is your worst enemy. SOUTH AFRICA – A dense night is waiting to be lit up by countless enemy explosions. NETHERLANDS – Survive as long as you can in this seemingly idyllic landscape. FRANCE – A city labyrinth that is to become a graveyard full of metallic corpses.

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