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You know that winter is coming when The Great British Bake Off starts up again on TV. Those cosy autumn nights really are made all the better watching baking disasters on national TV. But now here is your chance to get some practice in for next season; Lemon Cake is out today on Xbox and PlayStation.

Like any good life simulator, you have to start from the very bottom. You have come into possession of a bakery, but a broken down one at that. Some say it is even haunted? Forget that for now, the exorcisms can come after the baking. Repair, furnish, decorate, and then open your new bakery is this super cosy café simulator.

As you progress, you may be able to source your own ingredients from your own animals: honey from your personal beehive, milk from your cow and even a few eggs. We’re not saying Harvest Moon: Light of Hope players will be at an advantage here, but there is definitely some crossover.

Once the café is open you will need to keep customers happy with all your various recipes. These encompass all kind of patisserie delights, and even some frozen ones. And if they start to get too impatient, a quick top up of their coffee cup should keep them occupied.

Lemon Cake is out now on Xbox priced at £25.99. Our review will have all the ups and down of café management coming very soon. But this does look like a perfect game to cosy up with as the nights draw in, so you might not want to wait for the review. We’re alright with that too, you know!

Game description

While the bakery might initially be broken down, overgrown and even haunted, don’t worry! You’ll be able to repair, furnish and decorate every room in the bakery. Gather honey from your beehive, raise a cow to collect fresh milk and adopt a few chickens to add eggs to your recipes. You’ll also be able to grow trees and plants to harvest a variety of fruits. Mix ingredients together to prepare all kinds of recipes, including baked pastries, candies and frozen desserts! Be sure to serve your customers quickly and keep your window display well stocked so you don’t miss out on any order! Serve coffee to impatient customers to keep them around the bakery a bit longer and build an adorable cat cafe to make everyone’s day brighter!

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