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Looking to craft, fight, explore and ultimately survive in a brand new open world? Smoke and Sacrifice on Xbox One and PS4 will see you right.

Available from today on the two most powerful consoles the world has ever known – Xbox One and PS4 – Smoke and Sacrifice combines multiple elements into one adventure as you take on the role of Sachi, a young mother attempting to discover the truth behind her firstborn child and a secret underworld.

Priced up at £15.99 (although an initial launch discount sees the opening salvo fired with a £12.79 price in place), Smoke and Sacrifice on Xbox One promises to deliver a new open world in which every element is narrative driven. With multiple RPG mechanics in place, and the need to craft, fight and explore all necessary to your survival, this world won’t be an easy one to traverse – but chances are it’ll be hugely rewarding when you do.

Hand painted visuals will delight those who gaze with awe, whilst the living breathing ecosystem that plays host to Sachi’s journey will both intrigue and frighten in equal measures. Do you have what it takes to uncover multiple secrets, or will you fail Sachi and see her falling to the deadly smoke within?

To find out you’ll want to hit up your favourite digital store. In our case – as Xbox One gamers – we much prefer the Xbox Store over the PlayStation Store, but obviously those running on PS4 will do well to visit the latter.

If you wish to know more about Smoke and Sacrifice, you just need to hit up our full review. It will be live very soon – today in fact.

Edit: And here is that review of Smoke and Sacrifice on Xbox One.

The question is, will you be heading into the land of Smoke and Sacrifice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Game Description:

Sachi’s home is the one tiny patch of fertile land which remains in an icy wasteland of a world. Her farming community thrives thanks to their devotion to the blazing Sun Tree, which replaces the lost light of the failed sun. After sacrificing her firstborn child to the Sun Tree, Sachi discovers a darker secret beneath the aura of priestly benevolence. Will she discover the truth hidden in the secret underworld, or perish in its swirling, deadly smoke? Smoke and Sacrifice is an open-world, narrative-driven RPG, where exploiting living ecosystems is the key to your survival. Craft, fight, survive and explore the huge open world in this beautifully hand-painted, gothic adventure where every character has their tale to tell. With the odds stacked against her, strange creatures challenging her every step, and the ever-looming smoke waiting to steal life and memory, will Sachi ever discover the truth of what happened to her son?

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