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We don’t often cover Kickstarter campaigns, but every now and then a new game idea pops up on there that is both interesting and intriguing. The latest to get our ears twitching is that of Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin – especially now that it has been confirmed to come to Xbox. 

The Kickstarter campaign for Operation Highjump has recently burst through the 35,000 Euros point, at which time a fully confirmed Xbox digital offering is being promised by the developers at Mansion Games. With a few days still left for the campaign to run, there’s every chance that those funding levels will reach all new heights too. 

Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin will whisk us off to Berlin, 1945, just as six years of war and destruction has ended. The Third Reich is on the verge of collapse, but there is one final act that needs finishing off – it’s here where the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) sends its best man on a suicide mission: Polish resistance lieutenant Joe Kawalski, a man tormented and haunted by his past. 

It’ll be up to Joe to locate and takedown the main leaders of the fallen empire, just before the Nazi technology falls into the wrong hands. What this leads to is a race through Berlin, as good and evil clash, and the fate of the world is left in the balance. 

This is a bit of a love letter to games from years gone by, with the key features promised sitting as follows…

  • The game combines the frenzy and platforming of classic run & guns with the narrative and puzzles of video adventures.
  • Retro 2D aesthetic with a fusion of pixel-art and illustration.
  • Animations made by hand with great care, frame by frame.
  • High amount of black humor.
  • 40 enemies and 8 Final Bosses.
  • Extreme quality in the setting, based on real references of the time.
  • Original and unpublished cover by master illustrator Alfonso Azpiri.
  • Epic soundtrack by the musician Chris Huelsbeck, author of mythical soundtracks like Turrican.
  • With texts in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.
  • Voices in English and Spanish.

Via the Kickstarter, players and backers will be able to get access to a host of brilliant physical and digital media for the game, with Operation Highjump delivering physical editions with T-shirts, figurines, artbooks, DVDs, postcards and even a fully fledged arcade machine. 

Now the Xbox stretch goal has been hit, Xbox players can get access to all this, except the physical game disc. Instead, this will be an Xbox specific version of the Big Box in which you’ll find the exact same contents but instead of the box with a disc, the team will include a flyer with the game’s artwork and the download code. 

We’re quite excited by the upcoming release of Operation Highjump. Are you? Make sure you hit up the Kickstarter campaign if you are. You’ll find the game coming to PlayStation, Switch and now Xbox.

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