Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Zen Studios have just made an announcement that Xbox gamers will be pleased to hear and it’s that Operencia: The Stolen Sun, their modern spin on the classic dungeon-crawling RPG genre, is to release exclusively on Xbox One and via the Epic Games store for PC. Even better news is that it’ll be heading into the Xbox Game Pass library upon release too.

Operencia is a rather unconventional fantasy world where history meets legend – a faraway land referenced in countless Central European folktales told for hundreds of years. And, for the first time ever, these stories all occur in the context of one single universe. Adding further depth to the experience are the real-life historical figures populating the game, such as versions of the legendary King Attila and his wife Réka. The locations you’ll venture through will vary from common fairytale type settings – like castles, tombs and forests – to fantastical versions of storied landmarks that anyone could physically visit today.

Zen Studios have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything in Operencia: The Stolen Sun seems familiar to RPG players, whilst still achieving that modern feel to it. Through a classic tile-based movement system, players can explore the far reaches of the land and engage in strategic turn-based battles. The ultimate quest is to free the abducted Sun King, Napkirály; a task that comes rife with malevolent monsters, devious traps and mind-bending puzzles. Perhaps there’s even a three-headed dragon… but if you can overcome all of that, you’ll be able to save Operencia from endless days of night.

“Last month’s Kinda Funny Games Showcase provided us with a great platform to announce Operencia, which was very well received by the RPG community, especially those who participated in the closed beta” says Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing. “The quality of the game caught the eye of our friends at Microsoft and Epic, which quickly led to mutual cooperation that will help us elevate this title in a way Zen would not be able to by ourselves.”

That’s all for now, however we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about Operencia: The Stolen Sun, which is coming to Xbox One and PC, including news of the official release date.

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