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Blues, jazz, country, rock, punk – the Rocksmith DLC library has had it all. Today though it’s all about one genre and some very lengthy tunes as the Swedish Progressive Death Metallers, Opeth arrive.

Available to purchase, download, learn, play and master right now are three new tunes from Opeth, the Swedish death metal band who have been throwing out content since way back in the late 1980s. If you are a fan of the band, or are just a fan of some super-long musical melodies then Opeth have got you sorted, with the Rocksmith Opeth Song Pack including the following hardcore tunes:

  • Bleak
  • Blackwater Park
  • Ghost of Perdition

As has pretty much been the case since the beginning of time (or at least since the Rocksmith gods started dropping these additional Song Packs on a consistent basis), each of the tunes listed above can be grabbed from the usual digital stores – Xbox and PlayStation depending on your preferred format – either in the full Song Pack variety for £6.69, or individually for just £2.49 a pop.

With a whole host of other brilliant song packs already in place, whether you are a Rocksmith veteran with fingers of steel, or a brand new newbie to the scene, looking to embark on a new guitar playing career full of bleeding fingers, stressed hands, and note-filled nightmares, then Rocksmith certainly delivers the goods.

In fact, sold on the back of being the fastest way to learn guitar, and our full review of Rocksmith on Xbox backing up that claim, we’re not sure of a better way of learning the way of the axe.

Whatever your standing in the guitar playing stakes though, let us know what you think of this latest Rocksmith Opeth Song Pack. Will it be one you decide to pick up? Are you going for an earliest DLC drop for your next strumming hit? The comments section is down below.

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