summer sports games 4k edition

We may have just seen summer pass, and the Olympics are all but a fading memory, but those at Joindots seem to think otherwise, pushing out Summer Sports Games – 4K Edition onto Xbox. And it’s fully optimised for the next-gen consoles too. 

We reckon a trick has been missed here and Summer Sports Games – 4K Edition should really have launched, a:) in the summer, or b) at least when the Olympic hype was at its highest. But here we are in late September looking to take to the track and field once more with a game that is looking to get one over Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game

So what do we have? Well, Summer Sports Games – 4K Edition will give us the chance to prove ourselves on the athletics track and out on the inner field, with a host of events to take part in. It’s pretty much sold as being the perfect party game and so should you and some mates feel the need to chuck a javelin, nail the shots in archery, light some weights or compete in a variety of jumping events – long, high or pole – then you’re sorted here. 

Obviously it goes without saying that track events complement these, with the 100m, 400m hurdles, 800m and relay events all in place. With intuitive controls and realistic movement (we’ll let you make your mind up on that!), the chance to become a champ all over again is certainly real with Summer Sports Games – 4K Edition. 

Event list as follows:

  • – Javelin Throw
  • – Hammer Throw
  • – Shot Put
  • – Archery
  • – 100m Run
  • – 400m Hurdles
  • – 800m Run
  • – Relay
  • – Long Jump
  • – High Jump
  • – Pole Vault
  • – Weightlifting

You’ll find the game present on the Xbox Store, available to purchase and download for £24.99, playable on Xbox One and optimised for Series X|S. We’ll see what we can do in terms of dropping a full review, letting you know whether this can compete with the official Olympic Games game for those medals. 

Game Description:

Be a champion! Prove your athletic skills and challenge your friends in twelve exciting disciplines! Master the athletic competition with intuitive and realistic movements. Who will finish on the podium? Choose your avatar and beat the AI in five exciting tournaments of increasing difficulty. In local multiplayer mode, up to four people can play against each other. Depending on the discipline is played either one after the other or simultaneously on a split screen. In addition, players can choose their own discipline selection and multiplayer mode assemble order. The perfect game for fun parties and entertaining family evenings!

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10 months ago

Looks like a trash Kinect game lol but it can’t be because Microsoft refused to support the Kinect 1.0 or 2.0 or their counterpart games on the new gen consoles at all.

Yet 11 years later, PS Move is still being sold in stores for use with PSVR on PS4 and PS5.

10 months ago

Yeah, it really looks 4K and worthy of the “optimized for Series X/S” badge, lol. I mean, it could be a super fun game, but some of these “optimized” games, are a bit of a joke, graphically. Especially the ones that unnecessarily require you to run them off of the SSD (looking at games like you, Tetris, the Touryst, et al)