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We’re not really sure what it is with ball-rolling puzzles, but we just can’t get enough of them. And that’s a bit of luck really as the latest to roll out of the Ratalaika Games stable is that of the delightful looking Orbibot. 

Orbibot releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (with full optimisation, no less!), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch to deliver some Marble Madness/Marble Blast Ultra vibes to the more modern day player. After recently being disappointed by the spherical silliness of Orbals, Orbibot can’t come at a better time. 

Priced at £4.99 – yep, remember that this is a good old Ratalaika cheapy – Orbibot is the creation of the PSGames team, as they push out a physics and logic-bassed puzzler for all to enjoy. 

The premise is as you would expect, roll your way through a level, find the exit and go at it again. It’s Orbibot that will have you cast in the role of a cute ball-shaped robot – a ball, then – as you hit switches and buttons to control lasers, doors and more, all in hope that you find the teleporter and whisk your way outta there. 

It’s standard marble rolling fare really, with some delightfully created 3D levels full of obstacles, traps and puzzles. Thankfully they look set to be filled with checkpoints too, and plastic cats because, well, why not. 

We can’t wait to get in on the Orbibot action and will be sure to drop you our full and honest thoughts as to how this ball puzzler plays out on Xbox Series X|S. In the meantime, give the trailer below a little watch and then move over to the store of your choosing in order to grab a download. 

Orbibot is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store. You’ll find it on PlayStation and Switch too. 

Game Description:

Orbibot is a game in which you control a ball-shaped robot and solve physics- and logic-based puzzles. Being a ball doesn’t limit you as much, you can control buttons, laser switches, and doors to reach the end of the level. Sometimes you will need to use barrels or metal balls to get to your destination. Will you find the teleporter that will take you to the next level? Features: * 3D handcrafted levels * Ball rolling spatial logic and physics puzzles * Checkpoints, you won’t have to start from scratch * Find the plastic cats

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