The Fire Cape is one of the most sought-after items in Old School RuneScape. To get this coveted cape, players will need to defeat the legendary boss known as Jad. Before you take on this task, make sure to gather your OSRS Gold to hit the levels needed to overcome the oncoming waves of enemies.

Reaching the Fight Caves

Jad and the waves of enemies will be waiting for you in the Tz-Haar Fight Caves. The area you need to reach is in Karamja, that you can get to with the use of a charged Amulet of Glory. From here, you can rub it to teleport to the area required.

Once you reach this area, you can head left to find a volcano. There you will find a rope leading downwards, so head down it to reach the depths of the volcano. Once you find the cave entrance, you can then head west until you come to the bank which serves as the Fight Caves’ entrance.

Items, Stats, and Equipment

Be aware that you should make ample preparations before heading to the Fight Caves. Make sure that you have at least 70 Ranged and at least 45 Prayer and Defence before attempting this quest. Since you are at a high level of Ranged for this, pack at least two Ranging Potions. Also, I would recommend you take around 20 Super-Restore Potions. Saradomin brews, and even Purple Sweets can also come in handy.

The equipment that you take with you depends on the level your character has reached. It will also depend on how much OSRS Gold you have acquired at this point in the game. The most effective method is to use the best possible shield to cater to where your Defence level is at. As mentioned earlier, you should be carrying an Amulet of Glory. If you want to enhance your Ranged skill even further, then I would recommend and Amulet of Ranging. Your Range can also improve by wearing Ranging armour if it’s available.

Earlier, we also mentioned the importance of where your Prayer level should be. You can gain Prayer bonuses using Dragonhide, especially from Blessed Dragon Hide. This is because it offers a Prayer bonus, which will see the rate you lose Prayer points slow down. Finally, your weapon of choice should be Rune Crossbow. This weapon combined with Diamond or Ruby Bolt can be very effective.

The Battle Against Jad

Once you have battled your way through several waves of enemies, you will then have the chance to face off with Jad. This boss has a lethal mix of Magic and Ranged attacks that can prove to be devastating if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, there are some cues which you can look for to avoid the full brunt of such attacks. Be sure to listen for a crashing noise as this will signal that Jad is about to use a Ranged attack. If you hear more of a sweeping sound, then Jad is preparing a Magic attack.

There are also visual cues for you to keep an eye out for. When he leans back on his back feet, Jad is about to use a Ranged attack. Be sure to adjust your defensive strategy accordingly. As for Magic, Jad will lean his head back before shooting a giant fireball at you. As with Ranged, you will want to switch to protect yourself from Magic.

Unfortunately, Jad has healers helping him out. Adjust your tactics to include taking down his healers. This can be done by trapping them behind you so they are focused on your player, and not healing Jad himself. Remember to keep an eye on your health, and use your potions when needed. With this method, you will be able to take Jad down rather quickly!

The Fire Cape

The Fire Cape itself is a melee item that will be your reward for defeating Jad, and the Fight Caves. You can sacrifice it to TzHaar-Ket-Keh to gain access to the Inferno if you choose to. You can also hang it on a Cape Hanger in your player’s home’s Achievement Gallery.

If you would prefer to sell the cape, then you can do so to TzHaar-Mej-Jal. This will give the player the choice of either getting the Jad pet or 8000 Tokkul. Warning: If you do decide to sell the cape, you will have to defeat Jad again to get another one.

Follow this short guide and you’ll safely get your first Fire Cape. Just be sure to gather enough OSRS Gold to reach the levels required to take on Jad. Be careful not to underestimate the Fight Caves—or Jad himself—by any means. With the tactics listed above, you should be able to overcome Jad rather easily. Good luck and enjoy your first Fire Cape!