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The real world may currently be on the brink of a pandemic, but today in the virtual landscape we see Drop Dead Studios hit back with another entry in their Outbreak series of games, with the launch of Outbreak: Epidemic on Xbox One. And with that comes The Undying Collection too.

Outbreak: Epidemic is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, following on from a previous Steam launch, and that of the games which went before it – Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles and Outbreak: The New Nightmare, being just two.

This time around though we see the infectious disease go nationwide with a new survival horror experience that will have you fighting your way through a deep campaign mode, through a whole ton of deadly waves in the Onslaught mode, and across a brand new scenario affair.

Outbreak: Epidemic on Xbox One threatens to push your survival instincts as far as they will go, delivering an experience that plays on the hardcore side of things. With tight over-the-shoulder gameplay, the opportunity to work with multiple weapons whilst delicately balancing a limited inventory and the need to ensure that ever single bullet fired counts, this is certainly a game – or series of games in fact – that will appeal to the horror and survival enthusiasts.

Features of Outbreak: Epidemic on Xbox One include:

  • Hardcore Survival Horror: You only have one life, make it count!
  • OTS: Claustrophobic over-the-shoulder gameplay brings the nightmare alive.
  • Defense: Utilize numerous firearm and melee weapons against the undead.
  • Limited Inventory: Manage your inventory and supplies carefully!
  • Explore: In Campaign Mode search areas, read logs, find keys and solve puzzles to survive.
  • Difficult: Play across multiple difficulty modes.
  • Story Mode: Experience the epidemic first hand as you fight through the story.
  • Onslaught Mode: Take out hordes of the undead with limited supplies.
  • Experiments Mode: Bonus modes with a unique spin on survival horror.

Did you play the previous Outbreak games and fancy diving back in for more? Outbreak: Epidemic is available right this very minute from the Xbox Store for £8.39. Although if you’re quick, you may even find a little launch discount available too.

But further to the launch of Epidemic comes the Outbreak: The Undying Collection too. Priced up at £24.99 – or just a little over £17 if you grab the launch discount – The Undying Collection does as you would expect, bringing together five Outbreak games together. This means you’ll get access to Outbreak, The New Nightmare, The Nightmare Chronicles, Lost Hope and the new Epidemic with one easy purchase. The price means that anyone not yet fully on the Outbreak train should seriously consider this bundle. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of this latest survival horror experience.

Game Description:

The infection goes nation-wide in Outbreak: Epidemic, an action-focused survival horror adventure. Featuring the great Outbreak series gameplay with greater mobility, crushing difficulty and more camera options than ever before. You’ll fight through the Campaign story mode, the wave-based Onslaught Mode and all new Experiments Mode scenarios. Choose your survivor, class and level up to unlock new buffs for your survivor as you face the nightmare. You’ll need to manage your inventory and supplies carefully, so make every bullet count!

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