2016’s Overcooked brought a new cooperative experience the way of gamers – one of cooking with an almighty twist. Players were found whipping up a variety of dishes in a multitude of wacky ‘kitchens’ (such as on two moving trucks), all in an attempt to save the Onion Kingdom from the evil Onion King. Now though and the Kingdom is under threat once again in Overcooked 2, this time from the Unbread, and it is up to a merry band of alien, animal and human chefs to save it.

Somehow this is achieved through even more cooking, and Overcooked 2 has more on the menu in terms of dishes that can be cooked, as well as bringing new kitchens such as a wizardry school and the reaches of outer space into play. In a game that is all about shaving mere seconds of your cooking roles in order to obtain a high score, dashing around the ever-changing level, delegating roles to each team member is essential.

‘Throwing’ is a new feature added in to the sequel to help you do just this, as it allows players to launch their food (unhygienically, might I add) to others, or direct into cooking pots, allowing your team of chefs to put dishes together in the quickest time possible. Moving walkways, portals and controllable platforms may also aid you in your quest for culinary mastering.

Oh, and this can all be done with up to three players locally or, as a first for the series, online!

Overcooked 2 looks to be another funny and chaotic affair that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and abilities – from the most hardened to someone with little experience with video games. You can pick it up now from the Xbox Store for £19.99, whilst you should also keep an eye out for the £2.39 ‘Too Many Cooks’ DLC Pack for the game as well.

It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC, and our full review will be with you very soon.

Game Description:

Overcooked returns with a brand-new helping of chaotic cooking action! Journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble your team of chefs in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four players. Hold onto your aprons … it’s time to save the world (again!) Out of the frying pan, into the fire… You’ve saved the world from the Ever Peckish. Now a new threat has arisen and it’s time to get back in the kitchen to stave off the hunger of The Unbread! ONLINE/LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MADNESS- You’ll knead to work together (or against each other) to get the highest score in chaotic local and online multiplayer. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS- Journey across a brand new overworld map by land, sea and air. Get cooking in new themes ranging from sushi restaurants, magic schools, mines and even alien planets! WHET YOUR APPETITE! – Travel the land cooking up a range of new recipes that are sure to cater to any tastes, including sushi, cakes, burgers and pizzas. ROMAINE CALM! – Travel through teleporters, across moving platforms and save time by throwing ingredients across dynamic kitchens that shift and evolve. Some kitchens even whisk your chefs away to new locations.

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