It’s the ultimate party game for the Holiday season and today Team17 have announced that Overcooked will soon be getting a bit of free Festive Seasoning DLC.

Arriving on December 6th 2016, the Festive Seasoning DLC for Overcooked is timed perfectly for all those holiday get-togethers. It brings no less than eight new levels to master, a couple of new chefs to shout at, new recipes and a whole new way of cooking – flamethrower anyone?

After a rather successful launch and previous DLC pieces hitting home, a free update is just the icing on the cake for all budding chefs.

The Festive Seasoning DLC includes:

  • 8 new co-op levels set in the new Winter Lodge theme
  • 2 new chefs to unlock, the snowman and reindeer
  • 2 new recipes to dish up, Turkey Dinner and Stew
  • A new way to cook recipes, the flamethrower!
  • Santa hats for your chefs
  • A brand new wintery world map, complete with a snowmobile to get around with

You will of course need the base Overcooked game to play – but seeing how good that is, it’s all a bit of a gimme.


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