As iconic as video game characters get, PAC-MAN is up there with the elite tier. This almost spherical being has been a part of pop-culture since before pop-culture was a gauge of success within media. Older than most gamers, PAC-MAN will continue to be around longer than many too. Which is why the news that a new collection of PAC-MAN games is coming in 2022 is always big news.

PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ is the name of the new compilation and it is due to arrive in early 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. This isn’t the first compilation under the ‘MUSEUM’ banner but considering the last one arrived on consoles in 2014 in the form of PAC-MAN MUSEUM, it is time to dust off the classics once more. This time around though, there is no love for Ms. PAC-MAN.

That said, NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol 1 had a version of PAC-MAN and that only released in 2020.

The list is also slightly varied from the previous release too, this time featuring 14 PAC-MAN games in total:

There are some pretty obscure ones in this mix, so have a look at the trailer below to get an insight into some of them:

“PAC-MAN is a global icon which has been continually loved by fans and gamers for more than 40 years’’, said Herve Hoerdt ,Senior Vice President, Marketing, Digital & Content at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.“ We hope that players from all generations will be able to enjoy PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ as this bundle offers a wide range of the outstanding games in the legendary series.”

The wait still goes on for a modern port of PAC-MAN World but as a varied list it’s pretty decent. PAC Motos sounds intriguing and Championship Edition is a more recent take on the classic gameplay.

Of course, many of these games have already appeared in various guises on Xbox, but PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ puts them all under one roof. Quite literally too, as games are chosen by controlling a bipedal PAC-MAN through your very own arcade. Personalise this however you would like with a variety of unlockable cosmetic items.

There is no Xbox Store page up just yet for PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ but we will be sure to let you know when it is available for purchase. For now, let us know your memories of the bright yellow dot.

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