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July 2021 has been one of the best months for Xbox Game Pass additions

Xbox Game Pass continues to go from strength to strength, but perhaps no month has been as strong for the service as the one which has just gone by. In fact, July 2021 has been an absolute cracker for Game Pass enthusiasts, with a ton of new games added to the scheme. But what were the best and which should you be playing right now?

The Ascent blasts onto Xbox, Game Pass and PC

The Ascent is the newest action-RPG shooter launching exclusively on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

4 new games join as 3 leave the Xbox Game Pass service

It's fair to say that Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been treated well in recent weeks. In fact, many may say that July has been one hell of a month for new additions to the scheme. But with just a few days of the month left, those Game Pass additions just keep on dropping and today we see 4 new titles hit the subscription service, just as 3 pack up their bags and leave.

The mysterious world of Omno awaits those on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Game Pass

We're constantly amazed by what a solo developer can achieve. From wonderful world-building to deep narratives, stunning visuals and tight controls, there is always something to pop up from the indie scene to surprise. The latest game to do just that is Omno. 

2 OG Xbox titles hit Xbox Game Pass

Long before Series X was a glimmer of hope, way before Xbox One combined gaming with media and even prior to the Xbox 360 era taking charge of the gaming scene, the original Xbox drew in many. Not only was it Microsoft's first proper attempt at controlling the gaming circuit, but it was a console that delivered gaming experiences like no other. Today though, two of those original Xbox title make a move into Xbox Game Pass, giving gamers the chance to play games which were cutting edge two decades ago.

The third person London based narrative adventures of Last Stop arrive on Xbox, PlayStation,...

The Variable State team know a thing or two about making interactive dramas. After previously wowing the gaming crowd with the first person adventures of Virginia, it is they who have gone all third person with the London based narrative experience of Last Stop. And right now it's available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC - with the power of Xbox Game Pass pushing it out to an even bigger crowd of players.

A trio of new additions drop onto Xbox Game Pass

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most relevant schemes in gaming, allowing players to get access to a host of brilliant Xbox games for one low monthly price. But much of the draw comes in the form of the new games which are constantly added to the rotating block of titles available to play and today we see a trio of new additions drop onto Xbox Game Pass for players to enjoy.

Cris Tales delivers love letter to classic RPGing to Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation, Switch...

Cris Tales, a love-letter to classic RPGs, is available now on all major platforms.

The power of Xbox Game Pass increases with 3 further game additions

Surprise, surprise. Xbox Game Pass continues to grow with new additions hitting the service, today. As sure as the sun, another month means Microsoft slides more games into the service, and inevitably, takes some out.

The red-hot Bloodroots launches on Xbox One, Series X|S and Game Pass

Originally released on PC, Switch and PS4 in 2020, the fast-paced action of Bloodroots is finally available on Xbox via Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Store.

Xbox Game Pass expands with 3 more titles

A good few times a month, Xbox Game Pass mixes things up a little, throwing out the old and welcoming in the new, giving gamers additional gaming experiences to take in. That's the case here as July rolls on as three more games make the most of what Game Pass is able to offer.

5 more games get added to Xbox Game Pass

We've just had confirmation of the free Xbox titles to be distributed through the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for July, and we've already seen the power of Xbox Game Pass deliver a ton of new titles to the service over the most recent month, but today 5 more games get added to Xbox Game Pass - and at least one of them is an award-winning corker.

SkateBIRD to flip onto console, Xbox Game Pass and PC in August. Delayed until...

Glass Bottom Games are a independent games development team focused on making games in which animals do human things. And their next game will be that of SkateBIRD. Can you guess what it'll be about?

A whole load of quality hit Xbox Game Pass through June 2021

June marks E3 month, and Xbox did not disappoint in their 2021 showcase. But since Game Pass is now such a big part of Xbox’s strategy, it would be impossible for them to not mention the service at the biggest gaming event of the year. If you’re looking for some Game Pass glories though, here are June 2021’s Xbox Game Pass highlights and the games you should be playing right now on Xbox

Feel the Need for Speed as Hot Pursuit Remastered headlines the latest set of...

We're well used to the Xbox Game Pass providing players with a host of new experiences each and every month, with hyped releases complemented well with surprise drops onto the scheme. As June 2021 begins to draw to a close, three new titles roll out onto the Game Pass system, letting players get involved with them for free. And if you have ever wanted to feel the Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit Remastered is leading the way.

Worms Rumble lands the shots on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass and...

We're all for change but that doesn't mean we're sure that the iconic Worms needed a move from the standard turn-based gameplay which saw it fare so well for years. But that's what happened when Worms Rumble released on PC and PlayStation back in 2020 as real-time action found its way into the series. It worked though, so well in fact that it's time for more gamers to experience it. Welcome Worms Rumble to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch - and yes, this is another that makes the most of the power of Xbox Game Pass for good measure.

Dungeons & Dragons comes to life in Dark Alliance on Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation...

Are you ready to join the Companions of the Hall? Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is here, fully playable with cross-play support on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC, PS5, PS4 and, best of all, Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass exclusive Roboquest gets ready to kick metal ass

You may not have heard of Roboquest, but that all changes from today as the RyseUp Studios team detail the fast-paced FPS roguelite as an Xbox Game Pass exclusive title.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising and Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes coming to Xbox and Game Pass

505 Games, Rabbit & Bear Studios, and Microsoft will bring both Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising in 2022 and Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes in 2023 to Xbox Game Pass. What's not to like?

REPLACED is a 2.5D sci-fi retro-future adventure coming to Xbox and Game Pass

In recent months we've seen the Coatsink team provide us with the fun, the humour and the cuteness of PHOGS! and Cake Bash. Now though it is they who are teaming up with Sad Cat Studios to deliver REPLACED to Xbox. And this is a whole world away from those cute-overloads we've come to expect.

The feral mayhem of Super Animal Royale is now available on Xbox, PC, Game...

Need a new take on the ever evolving Battle Royale scene? Super Animal Royale is here to add some cute, some cuddly and some genetically modified animal madness to Xbox, Game Pass and PC, with PlayStation, Stadia and Nintendo Switch versions happening further down the line.

The Easiest Achievements from Xbox Game Pass and New Xbox Releases from May 2021

Another month has passed us by, and with it, some big hitters in terms of game releases. Developers are understanding a lot better now that huge releases don’t just need to be saved for the last quarter of the year, which is why we saw the likes of Resident Evil Village and Mass Effect Legendary Edition release in May. But do these AAA titles make an appearance on our list of the easiest Xbox achievements to be gained from the games released in the month just gone?

Conan Exiles hits Game Pass as the Isle Of Siptah expands the world

It's been the best part of three years since Conan Exiles broke out of Early Access to launch in full on Xbox, but now we find Conan making the most of the power of Xbox Game Pass, whilst the Exile world expands through the Isle of Spitah.

What are the best new Xbox Game Pass titles of May 2021?

Xbox Game Pass is a service that’s so good, it’s overwhelming. So much gets added to the service every single month that it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in your backlog. We feel the same! That’s why every month we’ll be compiling the very best games added to Game Pass to help you decide what to play next. Here are the Xbox Games Pass’ highlights for the month of May 2021!



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