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Full list of RIDE 3 circuits revealed!

It won't be long before Milestone drop yet another bike racer to the baying crowds, with RIDE 3 set to be the most exciting, most realistic bike racer yet. Today we see the hype level behind it move up another level, with the announcement of all 30 tracks and circuits that will be available in the game. 

New trailer and Special Editions, Season Pass and free DLC plans revealed for RIDE...

The team at Milestone never stop working and even though they've cracked out numerous titles this year, the upcoming RIDE 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated. With a release date just around the corner, today sees the reveal of a new trailer alongside the announcements of the Special Editions, Season Pass content and free DLC plans. 

Milestone announce release date and details for RIDE 3 on Xbox One, PS4 and...

If it's got an engine, and can be raced, then Milestone are interested. And not just content with delivering us the likes of Gravel and MotoGP 18, the Italian developers are back once more with news - and the release date - of RIDE 3. 

RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 13 throws out another free and exclusive bike

Slowly but surely the planned DLC additions for RIDE 4 are coming to a close, as Milestone Studios prepare to look ahead. For now though it's all about the freebies, and with RIDE 4's Bonus Pack 13 those freebies are pretty damn hot. 

Join Agent 47 with Pride as the latest Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins content...

When the Hitman 3 world expanded with the arrival of the new 7-part Seven Deadly Sins content, players initially discovered that Act 1 - Greed focused on some serious bling. This time around a host of additional content drops, with Act 2 - Pride building on that which came before it.

The Honda CBR 300R stars in the free RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 05

Whether it be free content or paid content, the Milestone Studios team have continued to push the envelope with RIDE 4. And there seems like there will be no stopping them for the foreseeable future either as the free Bonus Pack 05 becomes available.

Three new epic rides conclude the Fast & Furious Crossroads Season Pass as Pack...

It's fair to say that Fast & Furious Crossroads didn't exactly set the world on fire when it launched back in August 2020, but that hasn't stopped Bandai Namco from attempting to keep the game in the public eye with multiple DLC packs. Now it's time to really get the adrenaline pumping with the latest drop for the game - the Fast & Furious Crossroads: Pack 3.

Bonus Pack 03 brings new free content to RIDE 4

Since the launch of RIDE 4 back in the autumn of 2020, Milestone Studios have been busy adding new content to an already bustling motorcycle racer. That content hasn't always been of the paid variety either, with plenty of free DLC drops making their way to the virtual track. That's what is happening again here today as RIDE 4 players get access to Bonus Pack 03.

Looking Back to 2005 and Doom 3 on the OG Xbox: One Hell of...

Doom 3 is sometimes considered the odd one out; the black sheep of the family. After the fairly bloody, sometimes jumpy but altogether not too heavy outings in the first two games, the third was a different beast altogether. Put simply, it was s**t scary.
williams pinball volume 4

Buckle up for a wild ride with the Williams Pinball Vol. 4 pack for...

If you want a decent pinball experience, then Zen Studios and Pinball FX3 is what you should be after. Delivering a ton of great tables to gamers across the globe, recent times have seen collections of authentic Williams tables arrive for gameplay opportunities. And that is where we are today, with the release of Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Vol. 4.

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride Review

So, it was a long old wait for a new chapter in the Tales From The Borderlands episodic adventure, was it worth holding out for?

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 ‘Catch a Ride’ out today on Xbox One...

It's been a little while since Telltale Games dropped us an episode of Tales From the Borderlands, but thankfully the third chapter is now with us!

Strider out now on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One

A double release today as Strider goes live on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. A retelling of the late 80′s NES title, Hiryu returns...

Strider coming to Xbox One and 360, February 19th

Looking for an intense side-scrolling platformer for either Xbox 360 or Xbox One? You'll want to check Strider out then.  A retelling of the late...

LocoCycle rides in with an Xbox 360 launch date

LocoCycle rolled into our living rooms as an Xbox One digital launch title. Now though, it's time get on down with a bit of...

Xbox Deals With Gold Sale details – 7th-13th Sept 2021

Silly season is coming and very soon a whole plethora of new Xbox games will be vying for the minutes of your life. But before we get there, a host of other titles are still available, more than happy to jump to the fore and keep you busy. It's the games in the Xbox Deals With Gold Sale that will be of most interest, with their cheap, highly discounted price points making them ever more appealing. The question is, what will you be picking up from the Deals With Gold sale that is running between the 7th-13th September 2021?

Rock ‘N’ Ride with Season 8 of Lonely Mountains: Downhill’s Daily Rides

The flower power has been pushed to one side and we've all but forgotten the summer strolls which we've been taking in. You see, today it's all about rocking and riding as Season 8 of the Daily Rides roll out for Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Get your fill with the HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins Act 5: Gluttony DLC

We're slowly seeing Agent 47 work his way through the Seven Deadly Sins, as gamers get the chance to kit their favourite Hitman out with a host of new cosmetics and items. Following on from those which have gone before it comes Act 5: Gluttony - will you get your fill?

The final free DLC pack for RIDE 4 is here!

We made it. Nearly a year after launch of RIDE 4 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and a whole multitude of paid and free DLC offerings filling out the base game, we've finally reached the end of the content drops. And how to best celebrate? Well, Milestone Studios are throwing out another free DLC pack for their motorcycle racer with the RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 14. 

Riders Republic Preview – Radical Ridin’

Riders Republic has made a strong first impression. The game is just a blast to play and I think its blend of extreme sports edge and crazy customization will go over very well. In many ways it feels like it looked to Steep and built upon it, resulting in an exciting next step for developer Ubisoft Annecy.

A host of [email protected] discounts arrive through the Xbox Deals With Gold Sale for...

Gamescom is on the horizon and the gaming world is about to go into overdrive. But that doesn't mean that you can't go and fill yourself with a ton of gaming goodies at cut-price values. It's the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 24th-30th August 2021 which comes to the fore today, delivering a whole host of Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S titles at heavily reduced prices.

Pick up some gaming bargains through the Xbox Deals With Gold Sale for 17th-23rd...

Whilst free games are good - see the switch up in August's Xbox Games With Gold titles for clarification there - we can't expect everything in life to not come with a cost attached. But thankfully, those costs don't have to be high and with the weekly Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale, it has never been easier to fill your digital Xbox library with some seriously high quality games. The Deals With Gold Sale for 17th-23rd August 2021 is no different in that regards - in fact, it's a bit of a belter.

Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale bargains detailed for 3rd-9th August 2021

Want some new Xbox games to play? Don't fancy paying a fortune for them? Get yourself involved in the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 3rd-9th August 2021 right now - for it's that sale which is bursting at the seams with heavily discounted Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox 360 games.

The Italian Style rolls out onto RIDE 4 once more with a second DLC...

RIDE 4 riders have had a multitude of chances to enhance their base game over the months, with free and paid downloadable content dropping out of the Milestone Studios team with immense regularity. One of those packs - the Italian Style Pack 1 - delivered us some of the most gorgeous bikes to date. But now there's another option for lovers of Italy as the Italian Style Pack 2 drops a load more culture to the motorcycling world. 



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