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Reignite the passion with Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins Lust addition

Slowly but surely Agent 47 is working his way through the seven most deadly of sins, with a multitude of content rollouts for Hitman 3. If you're looking to reignite your passion for the game, involving yourself in the latest of those sins - Lust - should be something to consider. 

Wasteland 3: The Battle Of Steeltown DLC Review

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown is the very definition of “okay”. The story is good, choosing which side to champion does add a bit of replayability, and the weapons are fun to use, if only really relevant in the DLC bubble. The problem is, the bugs that seem to crop up regularly now spoil the taste somewhat. If all you want is more Wasteland 3 story to follow and play through, this is an easy sell, but the rest of us should think a bit more carefully.

Bonus Pack 12 brings a new bike and events to RIDE 4

When RIDE 4 released at the back end of 2020 few could have imagined the amount of love it would gather up, not just in terms of that of the fans, but from the development team behind it; a team that has continued to push out new content for the motorcycle racer on a near weekly basis. That additional content continues to drop too, this time in the form of the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 12 - the latest of the free offerings for the game.

Grab the bargains from the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 13th-19th...

Run out of games to play? Need something new to reignite the gaming love? The Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 13th-19th July 2021 is here, providing all manner of cut-price goodies the way of Xbox gamers.

Summer strolls and new Ride Modifiers come to Lonely Mountains: Downhill

We're into Season 7 of Thunderful Publishing and Megagon Industries' brilliant Lonely Mountains: Downhill and that means it's time for the teams behind the game to introduce some additional features and ideas. And as Season 7 'Summer Strolls' rolls out, a major update arrives in the form of all-new Daily Rides Modifiers.

Next-gen optimised, cross-playing crazy stunt-filled world of Crash Drive 3 opens on console, PC...

Why race when you can stunt? And why stunt when you can race? With the release of Crash Drive 3 on console, PC and mobile - with full next-gen optimisation - you'll be both racing and stunting your way across the crazy open world and with the most ridiculous vehicles you can imagine.

Ride out with the Street Kings in RIDE 4

RIDE 4 is well known as one of the premier motorcycle racing titles available on console - but it's also known as a game which is constantly kept fresh via new DLC additions. That's the case once more as the Street Kings ride out.

DOOM Eternal next-gen update brings 3 new Graphics Modes to Xbox Series X|S and...

It's taken a good few months but finally Bethesda have been caught up in the excitement of next-gen console upgrades as they push out a free update for DOOM Eternal - and this one comes with not just one, not two, but three awesome new Graphics modes.

New free Bonus Pack 11 rolls out for RIDE 4

It's been a whole three weeks since Milestone Studios last delivered a free Bonus Pack to RIDE 4 racers, allowing their playerbase to expand their bike and event roster for no extra cost. If we're honest, we thought perhaps that after 10 packs, the slew of free content had begun to dry up. But no and right now the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 11 is available for download.

Become a 1337 G4m3R with the Dying Light Savvy Skin Bundle

With the hype surrounding Dying Light 2 beginning to ramp up considerably, you'd allow Techland the chance to forget about the game which spawned it all - Dying Light. But no, for on the back of a host of brilliant DLC drops for one of the greatest zombie title of all-time comes yet another addition, the Savvy Skin Bundle. And this one lets you become the 1337 G4m3R you've always wanted to be.

Feel the speed with the RIDE 4 Power Naked DLC

Milestone Studios continue to treat us gamers in the very best of ways. After filling out the RIDE 4 bike roster with all manner of free and paid bikes and tracks, you could forgive them for taking a few weeks off to enjoy the madness of E3. But no, and once again it's RIDE 4 players who are benefiting from the kindness of the Italian dev team as the Power Naked pack drops into game, delivering riders the opportunity to really feel the speed a bunch of new machines and events can allow.

Take it easy with the Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Act 3: Sloth DLC

Old Agent 47 is slowly working his way through the list of Seven Deadly Sins, giving players the opportunity to utilise new gear and ideas in Hitman 3. We've already pushed through the Greed and Pride angles with aplomb but now things get a little different as Agent 47 takes it easy with Act 3: Sloth.

Don’t just ride, tinker – RiMS Racing takes things to the nth degree

Very soon another bike-fuelled adrenaline rush will be hitting console and PC with the launch of RiMS Racing. And it’s looking like Milestone are going to have a fight on their hands to stay at the top of the bike game.

Descenders rides to full physical release and Xbox Series X|S optimisation

Ever since the arrival of the next-gen consoles in the form of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and that PlayStation 5, numerous games have been updated, enhanced and then fully optimised for the power of the new hardware. The latest game to take that route is Descenders, yet not only is it now coming in super shiny form, but a full physical release joins the usual digital option.

The free RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 10 adds in another new and exclusive...

Milestone have finally done it - they've reached double figures with their free Bonus Pack add-ons for the brilliant RIDE 4. And yep, as with the previous nine offerings that have come out of the Italian based studio, the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 10 brings a new bike and new events for riders to enjoy.

This E3, it’s Time for Halo Infinite to Share the Spotlight

Last year, Xbox put on a great show with a ton of new announcements, but instead of discussing the return of Fable, the trippy-looking Psychonauts 2, or the out-of-left-field reveal for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, they were all talking about Craig.
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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 83: The Calm Before the Storm – Next Stop E3!

Before the barrage of E3 2021 news takes over, TheXboxHub team are back to fill the void and tell you about some of the latest games on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC - amongst other things. Join Gareth, James and Darren as they delve into Train Station Renovation, Super Animal Royale, Let’s Build a Zoo, Just Die Already, and more. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 83 is also going to deliver a few interesting news items ahead of the big event. So please, enjoy our musings!

Pay tribute to the USA with the latest RIDE 4 bikes and events

We won't sit here and tell you how Milestone Studios just love to deliver new content to their players, and we won't tell you just how good RIDE 4 is as a motorcycle racer - we feel that both of those statements are commonplace in the gaming community. What we will tell you though is that there is another DLC pack available for RIDE 4, and this one lets you pay the ultimate tribute to the USA.

Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 25th-31st May 2021

The month of May is nearly over but as 2021 continues to roll on, the bargains still keep coming. That is no more true than with the variety of discounts, bargains and absolute steals that are present in the latest Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale with the one running between 25th-31st May 2021 delivering the goods for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players.

Even more free DLC comes to RIDE 4

At some point in time Milestone Studios are going to quit on expanding their brilliant motorcycle racer, RIDE 4. But until that time, we'll continue to adore the free content that keeps coming our way - just like it is with Bonus Pack 09.

RIDE 4 – The Collector’s Pack adds additional bikes and events

We'll never tire (or should that be tyre) of the plethora of RIDE 4 DLC packs that have arrived for the game ever since first launch - even if they do pop up on a weekly basis with minimal fuss. Today it's the turn of the RIDE 4 - The Collector's Pack to do the business, with it not just giving gamers the chance to enjoy new bikes, but some all new events too.

Dan Moroboshi rounds out the Override 2 ULTRAMAN DLC

Override 2: Super Mech League players have been somewhat spoilt in recent months, with a range of ULTRAMAN content having expanded the base game considerably. Now though it's time for the final piece of the jigsaw to come together as Dan Moroboshi joins the fray.

Bonus Pack 08 expands the RIDE 4 bike roster for free

It's pretty much a weekly deal, but RIDE 4 continues to expand beyond that which first launched in October 2020. This time around it's all about the freebies too as RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 08 expands the roster again.

Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 27th April – 3rd May...

You know what the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale does best? It gives Xbox gamers the world over the chance to enhance and expand their gaming libraries with a host of cut price games. In fact, if you're looking for a new gaming experience, one of your first avenues to traipse down should be that of the latest Deals With Gold sale, hunting out the bargains. As always, the latest week is one that should be navigated too, as the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 27th April - 3rd may 2021 is chock-full of bargains.



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