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Panic Porcupine combines Sonic and Meat Boy for some prickly platforming perfection


What would you get if you took some Sonic-styled physics and mixed it with the precision platforming of a Super Meat Boy? Well, frustration and intense dislike are at the fore of our minds, but the developers behind Panic Porcupine are thinking different. 

Panic Porcupine comes from the creative minds at Spicy Gyro Games, Shiny Dolphin Games and HOF Studios as the teams take the speed and sharpness of Sonic the Hedgehog and mix it up with some intense Meat Boy moments. As we alluded too, we’re not sure we like that combination, if only as we don’t want to go forking out for new controllers once we’ve chucked ours across the room, but it is what it is. We’re happy to be proven wrong. 

And honestly, there’s a little bit of us that is intrigued to how Panic Porcupine will play it. It certainly looks fun enough, as we are tasked with running loop-de-loops and utilising momentum based platforming in the finest of ways. With fifty stages packed with a ton of obstacles and traps though, we’re not sure how long it’ll be before the real gaming test kicks in. 

So why? Well, because occasionally us gamers like a test and it is that which is looking like coming to the fore in Panic Porcupine, whether that be as we go about speedrunning our way through the various levels, as we take down the evil Dr. Proventriculus (mad name btw!), or as we go hidden egg hunting. 

It’s a game that comes with a fairly hefty features set too…

  • Over 50 Stages! Construction Sites, Haunted Canyons, Snowy Peaks and more!
  • Infinite Lives; You’ll Use ’em!
  • We put chainsaws in loops
  • Completionists Rejoice: There’s EGGS to collect!
  • Take on Dr. Proventriculus himself in brutal boss battles!
  • Help Panic overcome his anxiety by subjecting him to frequent decapitations

Sold at first? If you are then we advise you hit up the Xbox Store right now, as you look to grab a download of Panic Porcupine on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Perhaps we’ll find a decent 2D alternative to Sonic at last, especially for the £6.69 asking price.

Game Description:

Help Panic blast through over 50 stages of topsy-turvy, spike-laced, slime-drenched, buzzsaw-filled deathtraps in this mashup of precision platforming and high speed gameplay Prepare to be challenged! Panic Porcupine combines loop-de-loop momentum platforming action with wall to wall obstacles for an edge of your seat adventure like no other! Sharpen your skills on 50 sawblade packed stages as you rescue the chickabirbs from the evil Dr. Proventriculus. Track down the hidden eggs if you’re a completionist or replay stages to tighten your speedrun times!

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