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First founded back in 2017, Glob Games Studio are looking to hit the big time with a new simulator; a crazy simulator based on partying. And the newly announced Party Crasher Simulator looks set to be delivered to all manner of formats, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PS5.

Scheduled for release in the second half of 2021, Glob Games Studio has officially announced their crazy simulator putting the player in the shoes of a party prankster – Party Crasher Simulator. Offering players extensive opportunities to ruin a host of parties, amid a large dose of humour, we’ll be seeing the game initially hit PC, with likely releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch thereafter.

Developed and published by the Polish team at Glob Games Studio – as they also work on an unusual action game titled MicroMan – Party Crasher Simulator will be focused on the single-player experience, offering simulation and stealth features. How you go stealthy at a party is anyone’s guess, but we trust in Glob Games.

Party Crasher Simulator will tell the story of a high school freshman who falls in with a crowd passionate about ruining parties. Your goal from there will be to rise in the hierarchy of this peculiar group and pull off increasingly extreme pranks. And as you progress, will earn – among other things – reputation points, allowing progress in the story, along with access to new opportunities and special abilities.

“The game is in the early stages of development, and the first trailer is rather illustrative. I can already say that we are preparing a twisted plot, many interesting locations and even more possibilities to pull off elaborate pranks. The player will choose one of the neighbourhoods, locate the party, thoroughly explore the area and get to work. Party Crasher Simulator will mainly focus on stealth, but the players will be given a lot of freedom. They will be able to go all John Rambo or use methods based on diplomacy and persuasion. Each party can be ruined in many different ways” – said Glob Games Studio’s Vice President, Karol Marcinkowski.

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The creators have announced that the game will contain a total of 20 different areas where the players will be able to implement their crazy ideas. Party Crasher Simulator will offer a wide array of parties – in addition to house parties, the list includes weddings, hen, pool and costume parties, company events, dances in retirement homes and wakes. The main story will be complemented by additional challenges and side quests.

“Our new project is a clearly humorous game with very extensive and diverse gameplay. It will allow the players to perform a wide variety of actions and pranks. Rotten eggs in the bedroom? Cockroaches in a salad? Playing a young couple against each other? These are only some of the pranks possible in Party Crasher Simulator” – added Karol Marcinkowski.

Party Crasher Simulator features will include:

  • Party prankster simulator;
  • Planning, sneaking and ruining;
  • Many types of parties;
  • Positively crazy story mode;
  • Skill development system;
  • Additional challenges and numerous side quests;
  • Varied soundtrack.

Tempted by this party crasher? Looking forward to seeing how Glob Games Studio play this one out? We’ll be sure to keep you updated, particularly as Xbox One and Xbox Series features come to the fore. Let us know what you think. The comments are down below. And if you want to wishlist it on Steam, you can. It’s certainly a bit different to Bee Simulator and Farming Simulator, isn’t it.

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