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Less golf, more party – what more could you want from Party Golf on Xbox One!?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Party Golf from the development team at Giant Margarita threatens to get one up on all the other boring, stale, mundane, golf titles out there by doing away with focusing on the ball hitting and instead concentrating its efforts on the party scene, delivering a mad psychedelic world full of colour, full of obstacles and full of balls.

Priced up at just £9.59, Party Golf has previously released on PS4 (2016), Steam (2016) and Nintendo Switch (2017), but now it is found making its way to Xbox One, allowing the frustrated golfers on our system the opportunity to let off some steam and go mad.

You see, Party Golf on Xbox One certainly plays on the ‘less golf, more party’ tagline that Giant Margarita are pushing and in some aspects it could even go as far as to run the ‘no golf, just party’ line instead, as hugely customisable game modes allow you to tweak game settings till your heart’s content… even doing away with the balls should you so wish.

The main aim of Party Golf is simple. Get whatever you find yourself stuck with, in the hole, as quickly, or in as few shots, as possible, beating your couch based friends in the process. With more than 100 game modes included, a massively deep customisation system and procedurally generated terrains that ensure that no two games are ever going to be the same, you could well be mistaken for even considering this as a golf title.

But I guess it is in the long term as anything that simulates the ‘in the hole’ vibe should always be associated with one of the world’s greatest sports. It’s just that Party Golf is so far removed from the standard game that it’s occasionally hard to see through the laughter, and navigate round the crazy landscapes in order to see the golfing background.

You will however have huge amounts of fun with Party Golf on Xbox One as you and your mates attempt to sink those balls and get holes in one however you can, utilising the variety of options in play and partaking in both 4 player, and even 8 player split-controller sessions. And believe me when I say this, that is absolutely manic. If you need something a bit calmer though, then the single player trials will happily scratch a golfing itch.

Features include:

  • 1-8 player couchplay golfing madness.
  • Over 300 customizable settings, which can be changed during a round in progress. About to flunk your shot? Make yourself an enormous spinny banana.
  • So easy to learn, even your 80+ year old grandma can get a kick out hurtling a flourescent purple elephant at a hole.
  • So much depth, even the developers have no idea what all of the combinations can do.
  • Powerups, checkpoints, coins, mines, and much more.
  • Single-Player trials mode
  • PS4 Companion App. Grab your smartphone and mess with a game in progress. Make your ‘friends’ hate you even more.
  • Twitch integration. Watch a stream, and vote for changes to a live-streamed game. The masses want explosive mines everywhere? Give the people want they want 

Our full review of Party Golf on Xbox One should be taken in if you are sold on the back of some frantic golf action, or just want to have the very best of party gaming, then you should be found heading to the Xbox Store to nab a copy of this mad, mad, game.

Game Description:

Party Golf is “less golf, more party”, a crazy, competitive couchplay game for one to eight players. Tee off simultaneously to a psychedelic 2D world, with satisfyingly simple physics, except it’s a frenetic free-for-all to get in the hole. It’s instant fun with endless variety there are trillions of gameplay combinations, from giant banana balls to turbo power-ups. This spontaneous couch party may drive a wedge between friends, but have everyone shouting “just one more round!” – 4-player local-multiplayer and even 8-player matches with wacky shared controller mode – over 100 included game modes, and you can make your own with our super powerful gameplay customisation system – procedurally generated terrains so you’ll never play the same hole twice … and crazy powerups, night golf, checkpoints, elimination modes, rat-king… the number of ways to play is practically endless!

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