If you’re a PC or Mac gamer the you’ll be excited to hear that the real time tactical combo based RPG, City of the Shroud will be hitting your platform in the summer of 2018. But what about us Xbox One and PS4 players? Well, we’ll have to wait a little longer, but it’s coming!

The first chapter of City of the Shroud, will release in the summer for PC and Mac, with Xbox One and PS4 ports, containing all the chapters, will debut in 2019.

The City of the Shroud promises to combine a community-driven political intrigue, with a healthy dose of humor, and some rapid-fire skirmishes that reward lightning-quick execution. The community’s choices made throughout will affect the writing of future chapters and how the different narrative branches unfold for all players.

About the game:

The peninsular city of Iskendrun is on the brink of civil war. The nobility control the government, but are losing their grasp on the people. Five leaders vie for control of the city, and the tension will soon reach a breaking point. Amongst this unrest, hostile creatures masquerading as humans have started appearing throughout Iskendrun.

Players will choose one of the five factions to align with. Factions gain influence when members complete quests. Following chapters will reflect political shifts large and small, the forging of strong alliances and the collapse of weak ones as player choices subtly shape the fate of Iskendrun. If any faction becomes too antagonistic or fails to secure enough friends, it may even be destroyed completely, thrusting the players – and writers – of City of the Shroud into uncharted territory on their journey to the story’s conclusion.

All five groups, regardless of their internal squabbles, are intent on defending their home. Combat moves in real time and borrows from classic fighting games for fast-paced action. A directional combo wheel appears for each attack, and butt-kickings can be delivered by inputting deadly ability chains.

Expect to find online one-on-one PVP options available, which will give players a chance to test out their best combos on one another. The balance between making split-second decision-making and waiting for the perfect moment to strike will no doubt see the difference between victory and defeat.

As soon as that Xbox One release date is known, we’ll be sure to let you know.



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