I’ve been a big fan of PDP Gaming products for many years. After using an AG7 Afterglow headset as a daily driver, and then replacing that with the AG9 Wireless when the time called for it, other than flipping in and out with one-off headsets for the sake of comparison, it’s been the PDP AG series which has seen me right. But that’s all changed over the last few weeks, pretty much from the moment I first clapped eyes on the stunning, super clean, PDP LvL50 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One. 

I won’t beat around the bush, the PDP LvL50 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One is a stunner, both in terms of aesthetics, audio, and the entire user experience. And the best thing? It comes in with a great price. 

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Matt grey in colour, with hints of black and green breaking the design up, the LvL50 is already on the right track in terms of why you would want to be seen wearing these wireless delights. Clean, crisp, sleek and bereft of any fanciness, you’ll be wowed by the visual look of these from the minute you open the box. With a cooly subtle appearance that is adorned with a lovely PDP logo on each ear cup, the LvL50s are very understated. The black headband that sits pretty on top works well too, and this is fully adjustable to fit any size head. In a nice touch, a cutout allows you to spot the green wire within, spring loaded as if to hint at something different altogether. It’s a superb addition to an already superb headset, providing a premium feel throughout.

Each ear-cup is well sized to fit over your ear, and also comes with a variety of controls and knobs, with the right cup housing a min/max volume dial for easy adjustment. The opposite side is full of all manner of toggles, with a game/chat mixer available for when needed, a mode button providing a variety of bass filled tones, and the power button slightly raised for simplicity. 

It is this left cup that also plays host to the micro-USB charging port (surely it’s time for us gamers to embrace everything USB-C?), with the flip to mute mic also present. 

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This noise cancelling mic is just as good as the rest of the headset, with crystal clear chat being delivered from you to your party at all times. Fully flexible, it’s a cinch to get this positioned perfectly too, allowing you to never be too loud or quiet when in the heat of battle. A reassuring click and beep as the mic mutes and unmutes is once more highly appreciated.

As a wireless headset, you’re looking at something in the range of 40ft of action when using the LvL50 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One. Whilst rarely will you ever need to be that far away from your console, the connection between headset and dongle-connected console is always stable. In fact, I’ve been able to move around the house, in and out of rooms, and have still been able to listen in to teammates when elsewhere. In terms of how the wireless action works here, I’ve got nothing but praise. Oh, and whilst we’re at it, the battery life has been brilliant too, with just a short charge via the included cable all that is needed whenever that battery dies off. 

Similarly, I’ve got nothing but praise for the sound delivered via the twin 50mm drivers that are housed within the ear-cups too. High definition stereo is promised and you can be sure that this headset will deliver that in spades, even if at times things occasionally feel a little tinny. I’ve rarely felt so immersed in gaming sessions as when these drivers have been pounding my ears. Even though you can spend a hell of a lot more in terms of premium gaming headsets, for the very reasonable price these are launching at (£70), I can’t believe you’ll be able to get hands on with anything better in this range. 

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So, a glowing recommendation all-round for the PDP LvL50 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One. But surely there must be something I don’t like? Well, to be honest, I’m struggling as every single time I’ve worn this piece of kit during a gaming session, I’ve come out the other end wowed by what they’ve delivered. Okay, so it isn’t the lightest headset in the world, but at 298grams it’s certainly not the heaviest, but once they are on your head, you’ll rarely feel the need to remove them.

This all combines to see the PDP LvL50 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One becoming my daily driver for the foreseeable future. For the ease of use, and the price and features included, a purchase is a no-brainer.

If you wish to pick up a pair of the PDP LvL50s, then Amazon are possibly one of the very best bets.

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