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PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One Review


For years, getting rid of the wires has been the holy grail of gaming. But even now, as we speed through the 21st century, the iconic cable is still as much a part of our lives as it ever was. But whilst many headsets still come complete with a cable to provide gamers with their sounds, one place where the link has been broken is in the controller stakes. In fact, rarely do we ever see a controller attached to console with a cable, with wireless Bluetooth action fast becoming the norm. 

But with that comes an issue; keeping charge in your controller long enough to ensure your precious gaming sessions aren’t rudely interrupted by a breakdown in communications. And that is where PDP Gaming come in, with their brand new Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One.

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The PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s ultra slim. It’s a charge system. And it works for Xbox One. Job done in all respects there. End of review. 

However, this black slab of plastic and electronics certainly deserves a deeper dive into the details than just that. And whilst I’ve been more than happy to utilise power from my beloved old Venom Twin Docking Station which has kept me gaming for many years, the super slim design of the PDP offering certainly ensures that it’s a viable option to have. 

It is that slim design which is the standout selling point for the PDP charge system. And to say it’s slim is an understatement, for at around 2cm high, 6cm wide and 19cm in length, it hardly makes a dent on its surroundings. 

It is however just the right height to ensure that an Xbox One controller – either the standard type of the Elite fit here – will nicely sit on top, with two controllers running one after the other along the length of the unit. It’s the optimum length to blend in even more when two controllers are in situ, with the uninitiated probably unaware that any form of charge is occurring. 

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At least they would be unaware of it wasn’t for couple of white lights on the top, and a bright green charging hue that emits out of the bottom of the system when a controller is placed on top. Signifying that the controller is in place and being powered, never again will you have to worry about losing gaming time due to low battery issues. It really is a simple case of just chucking the controller on the charge system once you are done, and forgetting about it.

Unfortunately even once a controller is fully charged that green light stays on, and so with two controllers in place a decent amount of light sprays out. This is fine should you have a gaming room, or office in which the light isn’t an issue, but for a bedroom it may become an annoyance. Even though there is the promise of cinematic auto-dimming lights that take into account surrounding light conditions, in practice it is still too bright. The whole thing would be so much more appreciated if at full charge the light would go out, letting you leave the controllers in place until they are required. As such though, if you’re light sensitive or have this system in a bedroom, you may wish to have a big think about a purchase.

But how exactly does the PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One actually power up your controllers? Well, the base unit itself is powered via an AC adapter, but also included in the package are two batteries and new battery covers that replace the standard options that come with the controller. With these in place, small contact pins are shown on the underside of the controller. Placing the controller on the specific spot on the Charge System, lining things up with the contact points is a cinch, with instant contact initiating charge. It works well each and every time and the decision to include magnets in the pack is a brilliant one, ensuring correct placement is a very simple task. Credit to PDP for such ease of use here.

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The addition of a strip of micro-suction tape on the bottom of the Charge System is also appreciated and, whilst a slight bit of movement when placing and taking off the controllers wouldn’t be an issue, with the suction sticking it nicely to a worktop you can be sure that this is one piece of kit that is not going anywhere. Unless you want it to of course, with no marks left when you decide to shift the unit to another spot. 

So should you buy the PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One? Well, unless you wish to go old school and use a play and charge kit, your best bet is to run the route of a charge system, if only so you don’t spend a fortune changing batteries every week – the price of around £30 for this is therefore a fair one. And whilst there are numerous options available, if you want one that goes completely under the radar, blending right into the background and hardly becoming noticeable, then you won’t go far wrong with what PDP have created. Yes, it would be better if the lights weren’t so bright or switched off once full charge is met, but on the whole this is one charging option that should seriously be considered by any and all Xbox One gamers. 

If you wish to pick up the PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One then Amazon may well be your best bet.

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