Hidden object games don’t find themselves in the most sought after of gaming genres, but when Artifex Mundi, arguably the kings of the Hidden Object experience, pop up with a new title you have to pay attention.

Available from today and blending elements of combat via mini-games as well as a number of mystical Persian locations, Sands of Wonders definitely looks the real deal for a HOG. And it has the in-depth story to back it up, telling a tale of Persian lands being destroyed by an evil leader – Grand Vizier Zaved. To make matters worse a terrifying plague is sweeping the nation.

It is therefore up to a young apothecary named Tara to investigate matters and hopefully bring an end to the disease. With the help of swordsman Darius and the goofy Minu she can hopefully do so.

The way you can help the crowd of three heroes is by solving a number of riddles, finding the objects in the hidden object scenes and gathering ingredients to create magical potions. The aforementioned mini-games will act as a brief break from the puzzles: expect duels and swordfights to be present here.

If you are looking for a new hidden object game to get stuck into then look no further than Artifex Mundi’s Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders. You can now purchase it on Xbox One for £11.99, Nintendo Switch, PS4, whilst it has been available for PC and mobile for a while.

And with the arrival of Persian Nights, it gives Artifex an excuse to throw another bundle out there too. The Globetrotter Bundle is priced at £35.99 and brings together three of their finest games – Persian Nights, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden and Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala. Make sure you consider it if you want a Hidden Object feast!

Game Description:

In the absence of a mortally ill king, the Grand Vizier Zaved rules the kingdom with an iron fist, while a mysterious plague casts a dark shadow on the people of Persia. The young apothecary Tara decides do conduct her own investigation and discover the cause of the illnes before it’s too late.

Bundle Description:

Embark on 3 different quests in various corners of the world with this fantastic bundle! Travel to ancient Persia and heal the kindhearted folk of a horrible plague. Take a deep dive into a mysterious underwater art-deco city haunted by Wraiths. Climb the majestic mountains of Karkhala to chase down the last of the immortal cultists that threaten to dominate the world.

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