You may know of Animal Super Squad from DoubleMoose Games, if only because it has released on a ton of platforms previously. Well, if you’ve been left casting a jealous eye towards gamers across the globe, then you need not worry anymore – Animal Super Squad is coming to Xbox One… and today we have confirmation of the release date.

Coming from the publishing team at Digerati, the hectic yet humorous physics driven adventure from DoubleMoose Games will be releasing on Xbox One come 1st February 2019.

Already fully released and playable on iOS, Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Animal Super Squad is getting ready to leap onto Xbox One next year, brings with it a unique blend of wacky acrobatics and fast-paced platforming.

With exclusive Mixer interactivity included the Xbox One version will allow audiences the opportunity to participate in games as they’re being broadcast over the live-streaming service, so no matter whether you are found racing through the vibrant campaign stages or creating and sharing levels of your own, everyone can watch. But how do you succeed in Animal Super Squad? Well, you’ll need to dodge spikes, fight bosses, solve puzzles, and collect bananas as your favourite fauna, boosting through loops, over gaps, and out of cannons.

If you’ve always wanted to play as a fish, or a chicken, or a sloth, and speed through a world full of bananas without a care in the world, then Animal Super Squad is the game for you.

Key features include:

  • Choose from a variety of vehicles! Each with different controls (don’t worry, you’ll figure them out along the way)
  • Get to the other side of the level to win! You know how this works, you’ve played games before, jeez
  • Unlock stuff! Like a useful tinfoil hat or a dead octopus on your head
  • Don’t cake your pants!
  • Community-driven level editor! Make and share the best (or worst) levels for endless replayability
  • Physics-based gameplay! 100% accurate 90% of the time (to be honest, we don’t really know how physics work)
  • Broadcast via Mixer – the hottest live-streaming service in town! Let your audience interact and get involved with the action

We’ll be sure to bring you more Animal Super Squad madness as and when is appropriate, but for now, check out the trailer and then hold tight until the 1st February 2019.

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