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Zen Studios have delivered us pinball tables based on Star Wars, Jurassic World and many more franchises over the years. But in recent times it’s been all about the classics, providing players with the opportunity to take in some of the most authentic Williams and Bally tables. And that is where Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Volume 6 comes in, dropping another three iconic options to pinball players around the globe. 

It’s been nearly a year since Zen pushed out Williams Pinball: Volume 5, but here we are, ready and willing to jump back into the action with the next installment in the series. This one looks pretty damn nifty too, giving the chance to head to the Funhouse, work our way through a Space Station, and even spend some time with Dr Dude. And he sounds nothing but a great laugh.

Priced at £8.39, Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Volume 3 has a good deal of variety about it, with the following three tables front and centre of the action…

  • – FUNHOUSE: Starring Rudy, pinball’s most iconic ventriloquist dummy antagonist! Don’t let his relentless taunting get to you.
  • – SPACE STATION: Prepare for liftoff. We have ignition. It’s time to launch this classic.
  • – DR. DUDE AND HIS EXCELLENT RAY™: Drop in to Dr. Dude’s Kinetic Clinic! Get hip! Earn respect! Be the envy of your friends! Advance the DUDE-O-METER from Plain Dude to Super Dude for the ultimate dude-o-riffic reward. Way cool pinball has finally arrived!

If you like a bit of pinball and are in the market for a new ball hitter, or just fancy embracing the classics once more with the glory of a Williams table, then heading over to the digital store of your choosing – Xbox Store is right here – and grabbing a download of Volume 6 of the Williams Pinball series for Pinball FX3 should be the next thing on your daily list. 

We’ll no doubt be back to let you know how things play out further down the line. Chances are though that this one will be just as relevant as the other Williams Pinball packs that are available. 

DLC Description:

This stunning collection of three authentic Williams™ and Bally™ tables includes FUNHOUSE™, SPACE STATION™, and DR. DUDE AND HIS EXCELLENT RAY™. All available to play both in their classic original form and as remastered tables with updated graphics, animated toys, and a host of new features.

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