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The Behemoth are back with another tasty treat – this time it’s called Pit People, and it is positively brimming with potential. As you could probably guess, the game is out as an Xbox One Game Preview title, and it is shaping up to be a quality RPG with tasteful comedy backing it.

The game begins with the narrator talking about how a giant bear crashes into the planet, causing devastation. His blood rains down and ensures armageddon reigns supreme, that is, before he meets Horatio and his son Hansel. Horatio was a poor little blueberry farmer who was accosted by some bandits, whilst the giant space bear crushed Hansel like a bug. From there, you begin your quest for vengeance, and possibly some more blueberries.

Pit People only has two real story missions, and that includes the tutorial that you run through. It is a very early version, but it has a solid foundation to stand upon. The combat is a turn based system in a hexagon system, and you can have a maximum of five people in your party. You acquire more people by catching them in nets, kind of like Pokemon but with less gyms. You can either run side quests throughout the main world, which changes as the space bear rips up the city and replaces it in a new location, or take our odds up in The Pit.

The game has a lot of items – though they seem to be mostly cosmetic – and a wide variety of enemies to face up against. There are creatures that force your characters to change teams for a turn, there are brutes that knock you back, and also characters with helmets that only take heavy damage from clubs. There are a lot of variants to each category, and it will, almost certainly, gain more as the world is further developed.

One of the cool things that The Behemoth have allowed is the capturing of enemy fighters to force them into championing with you. That means that you can use all of the tactics that the enemies use, if you can hunt down the right enemies and net them.

It also features an auto-fight feature, which allows the more strategically inept, such as myself, to enjoy the game. It also might just help you learn how to flank enemies and use the game’s concepts against the AI enemies you’ll face. It also makes things feel a bit more like an idler-game, which might just scratch the itch for another niche all together.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, Pit People lacks some overall content at the moment, but then we have to remember that it is only on Update #1 at this time. It will definitely be one to pick up, especially if you previously enjoyed BattleBlock Theatre’s writing, or if you are one of those who enjoy competent turn-based strategy games.

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3 years ago

[…] Should you agree, then you’ll find it available on the Microsoft Store for £15.99, although for the next couple of weeks there is a discount thrown in on that. Our full review will be with you in the coming days, but if you wish to know more, then you should really check out our initial impressions piece. […]

4 years ago

And it allows two player co-op in the main campaign =)