A plague is coming, one which puts a couple of orphans in grave danger during the darkest days of history… and we’ve just seen the E3 trailer teaser for it!

The year is 1349 and the place is France. The plague is ravaging the entire kingdom, putting the lives of brother and sister, Amicia and Hugo, at risk. If the great plague isn’t enough to worry about, the Inquisition are also pursuing these two, forcing the latter to join forces with other orphans, all whilst evading supernatural swarms of rats using fire and light. The innocence of these children is all but gone; however, their fates are in their own hands as the struggle for survival begins.

Developed by Asobo Studio (Ratatouille, FUEL etc.), the original adventure of A Plague Tale: Innocence is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Prepare for a mix of action and stealth when it arrives, but for now, give the E3 teaser trailer a watch.

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