Fancy taking a little a trip to Planet Alpha in order to enjoy the puzzling mayhem that awaits? Well, you better pack those bags and prepare for a journey of a lifetime because very soon it’ll be dropping on to a console and PC near you.

Team17 and the Danish independent developer Adrian Lazar of Planet Alpha ApS have today dropped details in regards the full release date of the atmospheric sci-fi puzzle platformer, Planet Alpha.

Launching on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come 4th September 2018, Planet Alpha combines smooth platforming with creative puzzles, a ton of stealth mechanics and a super unique, utterly beautiful, art style in order to create a rather unforgettable experience.

To celebrate the launch date announcement, a new trailer has also emerged and this showcases some of the threats and dangers you’ll come across, all as you try to explore the strange alien world you find yourself upon. If you’re looking for fast platforming action, all whilst needing to harness some stealth and puzzle solving skills, then Planet Alpha is the game for you.

Make sure you check out that trailer down below, and leave us your thoughts on whether or not you’ll be taking a trip to Planet Alpha when it releases on console and PC this September.

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