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The current global situation may mean that getting your thrills from real-world roller-coasters has been put on the back burner, but later this year we’ll be given the chance to get creative with the launch of Planet Coaster: Console Edition. And Frontier Developments have today confirmed that the game will launch simultaneously across Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

Due to hit home across the holiday 2020 season, Planet Coaster: Console Edition will deliver the most authentic coaster park simulation experience available on console yet, with launch occurring on Xbox One and PS4, with enhanced editions hitting Xbox Series X and PS5 at the same time. And after seeing Frontier nail it with the brilliant Jurassic World Evolution, hopes are extremely high for this.

Following critical acclaim and commercial success on PC, Planet Coaster: Console Edition is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5, bringing to life the fun and excitement of designing and running a theme park. It will offer up all the depth, strategy, and customisation found in the beloved PC game, letting players get on with creating and managing the ultimate coaster park as they strive for success.

planet coaster screenshot

Inspiring piece-by-piece construction, Planet Coaster: Console Edition will offer limitless freedom as players sculpt the park of their dreams, while physics-driven realism and advanced simulation puts them close to the action. Players are in full control, tweaking every aspect as crowds react with delight, panic, or disapproval in real-time. This means you’ll be able to give guests the thrill of a lifetime with a range of stomach-churning, white-knuckle rides, while themed food, gift, and merchandise shops top up both them and the balance books. Further to that, expect to hire and train staff, making sure that they exceed guests’ expectations in the quest to build a unique and exhilarating coaster empire.

Whether you have played Planet Coaster on PC or not, the console news is a big deal – and we’re particularly excited. But then, throw in that next-gen support with glorious enhancements and things get better still. Let us know what you think though. Will you be buying Planet Coaster: Console Edition on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 or PS5? The comments are down below that announcement trailer.

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