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Frontier Developments know a thing or two about what it takes to create a properly good management/tycoon/sim game and after cutting their teeth with the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon, they probably have a decent understanding of the whole theme park vibe too – the brilliant Jurassic World Evolution and Zoo Tycoon are both testament to that. In fact, there is probably no one better to usher in the next generation of coaster management than Frontier. Which is a bit of luck as it is they who are behind the launch of Planet Coaster: Console Edition on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5. Oh, and it’s on Xbox Game Pass too.

After previously pushing out Planet Coaster to the PC world, it’s now the console landscape that Frontier have in their sights and with Planet Coaster: Console Edition on both current and next gen formats, they’ve looked to cover all bases.  Available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, with a PS5 edition rolling out at console launch, Planet Coaster: Console Edition comes with fully optimised console controls, ensuring that creating the park of your dreams is immersive and captivating.

With a radial menu controlling the important moments, allowing shortcuts to be within easy reach, and an active panel granting the ability to make changes on the fly, it should be easy for console players to design their dream coaster park  But that’s not all and console players will find hundreds of blueprints in place, letting you add pretty much anything and everything at the drop of a hat. These are all pre-built and should be that you are given all the tools required for success.  Further to that and Planet Coaster: Console Edition on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 will provide a fully voiced tutorial, a challenge mode with four difficulty settings, a deep career to involve yourself in AND the now obligatory sandbox mode. With a refreshed UI and the addtion of a brand new Frontier Workshop letting you share your creations with the world, you’re pretty much sorted with Planet Coaster. 

The Standard Edition of the game comes in at £39.99 or will be available on Xbox Game Pass and will allow anyone that chance to really crack on in the imagination front, but it is with the Deluxe Edition for £49.99 where things get really tasty. This includes the base game plus the Magnificent Rides Collection and the Classic Ride Collection whilst the Deluxe Rides adds both packs together – in all that means you’ll have access to 18 new rides and coasters which have been inspired by some of the most iconic fairgrounds from around the globe. If you’re serious about Planet Coaster and think that you’ll need a host of options made available to yourself alongside the Cotton Candy machine, then this is your best bet. 

Whilst Planet Coaster: Console Edition rolls out on multiple formats, if you’re one of those who are not yet making the next-gen leap then Frontier will still have your back, ensuring that you can download the next-gen version of the game at no additional cost. 

The launch trailer is down below and ready to be viewed. Take it in and then prepare to allow your imagination to run wild. Make sure you keep an eye out for our full review of Planet Coaster: Console Edition on Xbox Series X too – it’s coming!

Game Description:

Surprise and delight crowds as you build the coaster park of your dreams and manage a truly living world with unparalleled attention to detail. Whatever your skill level, bring your ideas to life. Take advantage of Blueprints to quickly place over 700 pre-made objects, including coasters, facilities and scenery; build from the ground up with detailed piece-by-piece construction; or transform the ground itself with terrain-altering tools. Running your park is just as easy. Guests react in realtime as you set prices, place scenery, and install exciting new attractions. Keep them entertained so attendance figures – and profits – skyrocket. Looking for inspiration? Discover the Frontier Workshop and harness the world’s best designs in your expanding empire. Download coasters, scenery, buildings, and entire parks,   or grow a following by uploading your own creations. From stunning firework displays to sprawling cruise ships, there’s no limit to the creativity.

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