It’s been a quiet time for the Garden Warfare 2 brigade, with EA seemingly happy with how their fun-packed shooter was holding up. Now though there’s a new DLC pack in town and this brings access to a ton of rare abilities and items.

Should you have ever gone hands on with Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, then you would have quickly realised that customisation and personalisation is a huge part of its charm. With multiple characters all in place and plenty of items for us to enjoy throwing about, this is one shooter that absolutely revels in the fun stakes.

Now, as the game enters its third year of madness, we are seeing a new DLC pack arrive on the Microsoft Store, allowing all Xbox One gamers the chance to mix things up even more.

The Rux Bling Bundle 1 for Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare brings access to the Pizzazling Potato Mine, letting Cactus deal serious damage, the Looty Booty Barrel Blast ensuring Captain Deadbears can blast zombies in a sparkling explosion and a Banana Bunker for times when you want nothing more than to pin bananas at your foes.

A price of £7.99 (with the usual 10% discount for EA Access subscribers) will ensure that the Rux Bling Bundle 1 will be yours. Head over to the Microsoft Store now.

DLC Description:

With Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Rux Bling Bundle 1, you can get immediate access to rare abilities and items including: – Pizzazling Potato Mine – Cactus can plant a mine that explodes with glitter and deal serious damage once detonated – Looty Booty Barrel Blast – Captain Deadbeard’s barrel gets bedazzled and will blast zombies away in a sparkling explosion – Banana Bunker – A legendary hat that also fires bananas at zombies Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details


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