Gravifire Xbox

Block pushing puzzle games are frequently added to any video game playing device. However, Gravifire on Xbox and Nintendo Switch is a unique one that also allows you to play with the forces of nature as you change the flow of gravity to get the blocks to their intended destination. And it can be downloaded right this very moment.

In Gravifire, the Green Fire has been abducted from their home planet and thrust into a series of puzzle rooms. Complete each room in order to return home. Are the aliens testing you, or are they making their own fun watching you struggle through the puzzles? Either way, there are 50 levels to complete before you can return home. Plus a bonus one if you can complete all 50.

Gravifire is a standard block pusher puzzle game with a unique twist; gravity manipulation. Control the direction of the force of gravity to help you solve the puzzles. And just when you think you have the hang of it, expect to have to solve them whilst dodging deadly lasers and other various traps designed to keep you abducted for as long as possible.

Our review is also live right now if you would like to know more.

Available to download right now – with a slight discount if you’re quick – Gravifire on Xbox is a testing little puzzle game that should keep the brain ticking over for a couple of hours at least. Normally priced at £4.19, it’s a cheap way to fire up those brain cells too. Let us know in the comments if this unique take on a block pusher can part you with your cash. You can grab it from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch too.

Game description:

GraviFire is a logic game that mixes the mechanics of movement and gravity. You need to put all the objects in the right places by controlling the character and the force of gravity. The Green Fire has been abducted by evil aliens, who force him to solve puzzles for tests. You need to pass all the tests to return the Green Fire back to his home. Looks like you are in for some serious brainstorming! Gravity, movement, deadly lasers… What else the aliens have prepared? Features: – Gravity control – 50 mind-bending levels – Many different mechanics – Bright pixel graphics

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