One of the most popular games currently on Steam is making its way to the Xbox One family, bringing the most complete Battle Royale experience to console. Will you survive where others fail?

Initially launching as a timed exclusive via the Xbox Game Preview program at the end of this year, Xbox gamers will be able to get involved with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and offer feedback to developers Bluehole Inc. By doing this you are therefore enhancing the final product, which is set to arrive in 2018 for the whole Xbox One family.

For those unaware of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s basically a last-man-standing shooter where players are dropped onto an 8x8km island, with Unreal Engine 4 ensuring there are realistic visuals. You’ll start with nothing and will have to find your own weapons, vehicles and supplies in order to be the last remaining survivor. As the gameplay trailer below shows, a little collusion between survivors cannot be ruled out and could be a key factor in thinning out the competition.

Do you feel up to the task of scavenging and fighting for your life on an island? Let us know what you think via the comments section or on social media.

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